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    well this kitten is an orphan and I’ve been taking care of it everything was going fine he was eating well peeing pooping well sleeping but until recently he doesn’t want to suck on the bottle and I know he’s hungry because he’s only a couple days old I don’t know if he’s in pain he wines and bents his head back when I try to feed him I know he’s not over feed because it’s been a couple hours already I did try force feeding but he won’t take it I’m scared I don’t want anything to happen to him


    Has the kitten been to the vet to see if he/she has eaten any foreign substances? What’s the kitten’s weight like? Here is a link that might help you. What to Do When Your When Your Cat Won’t Eat I hope this link helps. Also if you haven’t already, please get kitty to vet.



    A very young kitten like yours needs to be stimulated to pee and poop. I will post some links for you on kitten raising. Remember also, that a cold kitten cannot process food. Get a heating pad and wrap it in a towel, set it on low and make a place for the kitten to crawl off if it gets too hot. To warm a kitten fast, place it under your shirt against your skin and gently massage it. If it should get lethargic and not eat, place some syrup or honey on it’s gums and tongue to raise it’s sugar level. Then try to feed if it perks up and once it’s been warmed.

    Bottle Babies




    Yea I did all my research when I had the kitten but sadly it didn’t make it was so little unlike any newborn kitten I seen I was hoping it would make it it breaks my heart I was already attached it


    stimulate the kitten so it will poop

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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