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    My kitten Ena was born oct. 1st momma got out this past Friday and still hasn’t been found, so I have had her since Sunday, my friend who is very pregnant couldn’t hand rear them so I took one and another friend took the other two, after doing some searching I tried to put her on gruel this past Sunday, but had to stop because she got Diarrhea, so been giving her just kitten formula, today is day 2 no poop, also she doesn’t seem to be able to go unstimulated yet, I have read that she should be going on her own, she eats every 4-6 hours of pre made kitten formula, feeding by directions, she’s very active and playful otherwise. Any tips/help this is my first time dealing with a kitten this young.



    She may be a little young to start on solid food just yet, as she is just 4 weeks old and of course, it depends on the kitten and how large/small it is and whether it even seems discontented with it’s formula only. Once they start scratching/clutching/biting at the nipple like they are starving…then you know it’s time to introduce wet food.

    I’ll post some links for you on kitten rearing. They have helped many in the past, including myself. Congratulations on your new fur baby!


    Bottle Babies

    Helping a kitten to eliminate



    Thank you. She finally had a solid poop tonite, she eats out of a shallow dish already.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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