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    My kitten I’ve been nursing since she was 5 days old is suddenly acting very strange. Last night she was extremely playful, ate her bottle, she’s been peeing on her own for over a week but pooping has been loose stools I’ve had to help her with pooping still she hadn’t done that on her own, since I tried introducing her to soft food she’s had loose stools. Usually I’m woken by her crying to eat trying to crawl out of her box. Today she didn’t wake me. I woke got her a bottle took her out of her box, again normally she will start going nuts wanting to eat. She was silent she pushed the bottle out of her mouth with her tongue normally she will grab it with her paws, tried several more times nothing. Put her back in her box she curled up in the corner went right back to sleep. I took her to her day time box, it’s in our living room , much bigger has her litter box in it, she immediately went to a corner went to sleep. I took her out put her on the floor she darted under the couch, she’s never done this. I got her out from under the couch set her next to me she hissed went to the corner went back to sleep. I put her back in her box before I left for work she refused any food she went to a corner and went to sleep again. Idk what’s going on but I’m very worried



    It is very strange, and I would be worried because she hasn’t had any food. Cats and kittens’ sugar levels drop when they don’t eat at regular intervals. You need to get food into her even if it’s with a syringe slowly getting something into her stomach. I would also call the vet since she has loose stools. More than likely she has worms since most kittens do. The vet can prescribe a dewormer and check her for any other type of parasite that she might have. They can do a fecal sample on her to check for coccidosis and it’s treated with a different medication than the regular dewormer. Hope she is okay when you return from work, please keep us posted.



    Vets immediately.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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