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    Hello everybody! On Friday my cat, Jax, had his blood glucose checked. We were having issues with inappropriate urination outside of the litter box, typically on our kitchen counter. We have been at the vet probably every week for the last month to determine what could be causing this. They did a urinalysis and found high levels of blood glucose in his urine. So the next day we went to have his glucose checked, and it was 360 fasting! The vet said it should be around 100 when fasting. So now our Jax is on the diabetic cat food that the vet suggested and an antibiotic. He has been on the antibiotic twice a day since Friday, so about four days. It seems like the past two day the urinating has gotten worse, but his behavior seems to be going back to normal (more playful, less lethargic). I was just wondering if anybody else here has any experience with diabetic cats? The vet is hopeful that he will not need to use insulin with a well controlled diet.



    Hi Jennifer, welcome to TDK! Sorry to hear about your cat being diabetic. I have not had experience with my cats having this problem (yet). But my suggestion would be to treat it with proper diet, and no free feeding dry food especially. And up the exercise level by playing with him with a laser and wand toy until he is panting–then stop. Do this a couple times a day as the exercise helps the weight to come off and keep the glucose levels lower.



    Hi Jennifer,
    I had a diabetic cat for many years – she came to me with the condition and, after some initial hiccups, was well controlled for the majority of the time. She eventually died, aged 18, from a completely unrelated cause.
    If you have a diabetic cat the first thing you need to get is a vet who actually understands the problem. I was lucky in that my vet’s husband is diabetic, a friend with a diabetic cat was not so lucky… after a normal blood glucose test the cat was declared ‘cured’, and taken off all medication, which nearly killed her. Do ask what experience they’ve had, and don’t be afraid to change practice to find the right vet… I really can’t stress this enough, diabetes seems to be poorly understood in the veterinary community!
    The second thing to do is regulate your cat’s food, and the most important thing here is that they get the same amount of the same food every day at the same time. He needs to be on a low carbohydrate diet, so biscuits/kibble is out. Free feeding and treats are out too – you need to know exactly how much he’s eaten. If you have other cats in the house Jax will need to be isolated whilst he, and they eat, and he must never be allowed to finish up their food. Since he’s on a diabetic food stick with that (assuming it is wet food), and don’t change back to commercially produced pouches – they will change the carbohydrate quantities between flavours and batches so you can never know exactly what you are feeding the cat.
    Another thing you can do, which will ultimately save you money on vets fees, is get a blood glucose monitor (for humans, from a chemist, but don’t tell them it is for a cat!) – they aren’t very expensive, though the test sticks will cost you. Then bully your vet unmercifully into showing you how to use it. You can take a little blood out of the vein around the outside of Jax’ ear just before he eats (so the meal becomes a treat for putting up with it), and that way you can keep an eye on his blood sugar regularly (daily to start with, less often once he’s stabilised) and can report back to the vet. This also has the advantage that he’s in familiar surroundings and not stressed by a trip to the vet when blood is taken, and the day to day changes are important to know. The long term test vets can do isn’t really that helpful.
    And my final recommendation is to join one of the diabetic cat forums (yahoo has a very good one, I’m sure other are available!), as they will be a huge source of support and information. I doubt I could have coped with Phoebe without them.
    I’m sorry if this sounds a bit ‘preachy’ but good luck with Jax, if you can keep him off insulin so much the better. Phoebe only needed half a unit twice a week once she was stable, so it is possible 🙂



    Hello Jennifer!
    Echoing Brynmala’s advice. Yes, investigate your current vet’s knowledge on
    Feline Diabetes!
    I too had a diabetic kit, Dot, years ago. Yes, you must be diligent in monitoring food quality/intake. Great tip on glucose testing too!
    Also have a friend that has a diabetic cat who is a youngster at 18 yrs old…yes, she managed to live a full 10+ years and counting with disease!
    Good Luck!

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