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    My coworker found her in a field, I am in love with her, bottle-feeding, hit water bottle, etc. but I would be grateful for some advice… She is now comfortable enough to play, which is great because I want to be a good mom and teach her… But she is absolutely tearing up my hand! Not deep scratches (her claws are too tiny) but my hand is getting raw from little scratches all over. She seems uninterested in playing or wrestling with a stuffed animal when I try to use that, she just wants my hands. Occasionally my face. I bought neosporin 🙂 but any other advice?



    Yes, you have to be vigilant and have lots of patience (and then more patience) because this is one of the most heard complaints about new kittens from inexperienced new kitten parents! Your hands (and face) and feets are off limits! You will have to get all kinds of toys for her, a laser pointer, kicker toys, wand toys, stuffies, etc. but you have to be the one that keeps your hands out of her mouth, and away from her claws. While she is small, it’s good practice to trim her little claws by trimming us the ‘hooks’ off. It makes a world of difference. Don’t try doing them all at once, even if you get a few off the front paws, it’s such a relief. Don’t try to trim too short, only the clear part of the nail as the pink part is the quick (like on your own nail) and if you cut it it will bleed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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