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    I found tripsy last week. Started her on petlac powder formula but she was constipated. Took her to vet on Monday and he gave her an enema. That helped and she pooped alot but two days later I took her back for same thing. He just used thermometer and Vaseline and she was good. She was peeing Everytime o stimulated her and not peeing during sleep. I switched to kmr liquid to help with constipation. She has been on that for 3 days and since then she is drinking more but also peeing now in her sleep. I put a little pan with cat litter to try and show her and I stimulate her in the cat litter when I can. Is this normal and as she gets older will this hopefully pass. Also I have read that switching formula gives them diarrhea which she has a bit. Should I get her the goat’s milk or Pedialyte to see if that helps settle her belly? Any advice can help. This chat seems very helpful. Also I have her in a cage with Bal let’s and towels and she is always warm when I pick her up but could she be peeing cause she is cold? I cover her and make sure she is very cozy with her stuffed animals too.



    Hi Dawn,
    I have found that using KMR liquid gives diarrhea, and the powder does the opposite. I like the powder the best and use goat’s milk too. My last kitten had KMR and goat’s milk every other day. I mixed them up and kept them in the refrigerator and when I finished one, I started on the other. The peeing in the sleep is pretty common, because kittens usually can pee with no problem. She is probably moving around in her sleep and the blankets can touch her privates stimulating her to pee. Or she just pees because she needs to. The pooping is another deal altogether. I’ll post a link for you on the triangle method, which a lot of people have had success with. Try adding a couple of drops of olive or mineral oil to her formula to keep things soft and moving.

    Helping a kitten to eliminate


    A kitten usually isn’t ready for litter training until 4 weeks or so, some younger. Make sure you use plain clay unscented non clumping litter to start as some kittens will eat litter and the clumping kind could cause a blockage.

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