3 week old kitten’s belly very big and now won’t poop

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    Well, I never thought I’d write a post with THAT title!

    Hi everyone, I’m new to posting but have been reading for the past few weeks. Thank you so much to everyone here that responds to people!

    I have a 3 week old(today) kitten named Gia. I have had her since she was 1 day old after her mother abandoned her. She moved 3 of the kittens and left this one. It’s been quite a journey fraught with worry and stress and sleepless nights to be sure! She was so small, only 2 1/2 ounces when she was brought to me and didn’t even fill my hand.

    She’s so super sweet and eats wonderfully. She is on KMR mixed 4-1 since the beginning and at first poops were fine. Only once a day but fine. About 4 days ago I started mixing the formula a little stronger thinking she may need it as she’s getting bigger and I think that’s my issue now. She pooped Saturday but nothing yesterday and even though it’s early, nothing today. Her belly is soooo big and round. Much more than normal.

    I’ve scoured the web and it seems pumpkin is a natural cure for constipation so I’ve added a little of that to her milk.

    But how do I get her to poop now? How long do I wait before I employ other methods? Please help and advise.

    Edited to add that she has been to the vet at 9 days old. We were given Strongid for her and I gave that to her at 2 weeks old per the vets instructions. She has doses for 4 and 6 weeks as well.




    Also, that is Gia in my avatar. =}


    What a cutie! I don’t have lots of advice on little, little ones, but I do know they don’t poop daily. Keep this bumped up and I know those with more experience will pipe in when they can. I know you can put a bit of vegetable oil in her formula and that sometimes helps.




    Here is a chat/link with info on constipation

    Plus another


    You can also click pink tags on upper right of page for more chat/links



    Thank you for the links. Well, she did go shortly after I posted this. It took for-EVER of trying the triangle method. Her belly was soft and less huge too. She then took up her favorite sport of beating up her tiny eggplant toy and then sacked out. 🙂

    This has been the most worry-some journey ever. I don’t think I even worried this much about my 3 boys when they were babies. Sheesh!



    Yay for poo…aw, you are a good meowmy to your little cutie patootie!



    Haha Thanks Jeankit.

    She actually went AGAIN this afternoon so I’d say there really is something to this pumpkin thing. In the 3 weeks of her little life, she’s never gone twice in one day. Her belly is so nice and soft now…plump but soft.

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