3 week old kitten wont poop and belly is bloated help please

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    Hello I have 3 3 week old kittens one of them the lil boy will not poop hasnt for about a day he belly is bloated and I dont know what to do I have try to get him to go under warm water is there anything I can put in his milk to make him go. I have already fell in love with these guys and dont want anything bad to happen so please someone HELP ME with my babies



    Welcome to TDK, Rach! I’m no expert on kittens this young but I’m sure some of our TDK experts will come on soon. Good Luck with those blessed kittens!



    Hi, Rach, little kittens don’t have to poop every day (I know the websites say they do but most of the ones we hear about on this site don’t). As long as his little tummy is soft and round, not hard and round, don’t worry too much and give him a bit of time. Remember, they’re only on formula and they have very tiny tummies.

    You can try a couple of drops of vegetable oil (eg canola, olive, sunflower, soya bean oil) in his formula. If nothing happens, try clicking the pink tags I’ve added (top right hand corner) and you will find plenty of previous advice on this subject. Welcome to TDK and don’t hesitate to come back to us if you’re still worried.


    I just got him to go a little he seem to be a little better. But thank you if I need anymore help I know where to come now


    how often do I need to add vegetable oil ect. to his bottle if he dont go anymore and really how much poop should there be just a lil or alot Im new to this I came across a lady looking for someone to take this kittens on a websit or she was gonna take them to the spca and they were gonna put them down and me being a pet lover didnt want that to happen Im a stay at home wife no kids so these guys are my babies now So if anyways has any kinda of adives for me as far as feeding, cleaning,how to litter train,when should I try kitten food ect that would be great Im doing a good just I took them to the vet and there health so far I see where alot of people dont like the KMR milk for kittens thats what the vet told me to use should I be useing something eles?



    Everyone here I have heard says KMR, I dont think you need to switch to anything else. There are lots of people here with far more experience that can tell you better than me though.



    Not a huge amount of poop while they’re on formula and they have such tiny tummies and powdered KMR does seem to constipate some kitties a little. They don’t have to poop every day but if you wanted to add two drops of vegetable oil to their formula maybe once a day, I’m sure that wouldn’t hurt them. Use KMR, that’s what most hand-reared kittens are raised on. If you click on the tag ‘orphans’ you’ll see loads of previous threads on hand-raising kittens and also check out these sites, they are VERY good, there shouldn’t be many questions they don’t answer:





    Also, feel free to come here with any questions, we are not vets but there are some very knowledgeable kitty foster mums and cat people on here and we will always try to help 🙂 Bless you for taking on these babies!


    Thank You so much for the tips on my question. I will let you all know how they are doing and I will try to put a picture up of them



    Most weaning takes place between four to eight weeks, you will find when they are biting the teat on the bottle more than sucking it at about four weeks, then you can try them on some soft kitten food in a shallow dish drizzled with KMR. They may take to it, or they want their bottle for longer, it just depends on the kits. (We have a tag for that too, weaning.)



    That would be lovely. And you can make them a wee Catster page too if you like. Click on our avatars to see our kitties on Catster 🙂


    Ok I need to know when there cutting teeth and want to chew on my hand and not sleep what do I do?


    Is this happening at night, Rach?

    Kittens do shed their baby teeth at around five months. There are lots of kitten appropriate toys that they can chew on to help them through this stage. If they start knawing on your hand, redirect their attention to one of these toys. They need to be consistently (and gently) reinforced on the concept that hands are not for biting.

    Thanks for rescuing these two babies. You are a champ!

    I added a tag at the top of this thread for stimulating kittens to poop using the “triangle” method. You will see that this is a frequent topic of conversation on TDK and we regularly celebrate when kittens finally poop!

    Here is a link to a video of a vet demonstrating this method on a kitten:



    No these are there baby teeth comeing in there only 3 weeks old almost 4 weeks old it really one of them one of the girls she wont go right to bed she wants to chew I know she not hungry because she just got done eating and I offered more but she didnt want it so are they like real babys when there teeth come in and if so what can I do to stop the pain



    Yep, I think so, they have sore gums and need to gnaw 😉 Kitten websites usually recommend wool, cardboard and stuffed toys to gnaw on as they like something yielding that they can sink their teeth into (preferably not mama). Another website suggests wetting a washcloth, wringing it out, rolling it loosely, putting it in the freezer overnight, then giving it to kitty to gnaw on and help with the pain.

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