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    Hello everyone. I have a kitten, who just turned three weeks old yesterday. Her and her 5 other siblings are bottle fed since Mom abandoned them. Callie, has a very weak latch. She will be drinking from a bottle for almost a minute, and when you pull back, nothing is missing from the bottle. I’ve tried pulling the bottle slightly, trying to strengthen her latch, and it’s not working. I’ve been force feeding her since she won’t eat from the bottle. Any suggestions on how to help strengthen her latch? Thank you in advance!



    Yes, open the nipple up on the bottle. Make an X in the nipple, then when you turn it over, it should just drip a little. This should help her in getting the milk out. When they tell you to take a hot needle and insert it in the nipple, they forget to say that when you pull the needle out, it seals the hole back up! When kittens get older, I have even cut the very tip of the nipple off, because I usually end up mixing wet food with milk to make a gruel, and it’s too thick to get through the nipple without opening it up.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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