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    Hi all.

    I joined so I can get a little boost. I tend to overly stress things that may go wrong.

    Friday, I went to the pet store to pick up supplies. Ended up walking out with a 2 week old kitten a mom and her kids had found. My mom and aunt raised their share of abandoned babies but this is my first and I live in a different state.

    Anywho, after trial and error I got a system worked out and me and my husband named her Calliope. Since Saturday, she’s had diarrhea I think. Looked to be the color of Campbell’s veggie soup broth, and about the same consistency most of the time (sometimes thicker like snot, sorry of the visuals). She was pooping pretty much every time, and had some accidents in her sleep. I was feeding her the liquid kitten formula(mostly because she need food ASAP on Friday) but I switched to the powder Monday because most sites recommended it. Yesterday, she started pooping way less. Today, I only got a little out of her and it was a different color, more greenish/yellow. She is farting when I stimulate her.

    How long before not pooping is constipation, which I know the powder causes?

    On the plus side, she has seen the vet, never been dehydrated and is fairly active and inquisitive when awake. She is still gaining weight steadily.



    First of all, thank you for taking in this 2 week old kitten. I have found that the liquid formula tend to give kittens loose stools, and the powdered more firm. Since she has had diarrhea, I wouldn’t worry for several days if she doesn’t pass stool. At least she is keeping the food in and won’t become dehydrated where you have to replace electrolytes. If you feel she is getting constipated, (hard, firm tummy instead of squishy tummy) you can add a few drops of olive oil to her bottle.

    I like to feed goat’s milk to my kittens, it’s much cheaper and is nutritionally complete like the formula. I like the powdered kind and it can be found in the baking aisle. Just follow mixing directions. There is also canned and fresh in the refrigerated milk section. It has a lot less lactose than cow’s milk, which isn’t good for kittens and usually causes diarrhea too. It’s good for their gut and immune system as it contains probiotics.

    Hope this helps–I’ll post a couple of links for you too.


    Bottle Babies



    KZ gave you a lot of good information. Again, thanks for giving the wee kit a home.

    Here’s some on bowel movements:
    Normal kitten stools are yellowish brown with a jam-like consistency. After every feeding, gently massage the anus and urinary orifice with a cotton ball or Kleenex moistened with warm water until they urinate and defecate. Also, a smidgen of mineral oil in their formula can usually help them poop. You can put a dab of Neosporin on his bum if he gets sore. He needs to poop but he doesn’t know how to do it on his own.
    They may not produce urine or stool after every feeding. By the time the kitten is four to six weeks old it should be able to get by without your help.

    Here’s a link on the triangle method for kittens:



    Thank you for the advice. It’s good to know it may be a few days before she goes again. I use warm damp paper towels for eliminating. She has peed every time with often little prompting.

    It seems all the milk options out there have their pros and cons.

    If she doesn’t have stool in a few days I will try the olive oil and/or triangle method.

    Also, how important is it to follow the 8 ml of formula per oz of kitten per day? I feed her what she wants but she rarely eats more than 15 ml a time. Some times she only eats 9 ml. She’s 11 oz and I know she’s not eating more than 80 ml in a day.



    Each milk does have its pros and cons. Here in TDKland, we’ve had the best results with Goats milk. You don’t have to follow the 8 ml. Let her eat what she wants and as long as she’s gaining weight and is healthy, she’s good. Please consider doing the triangle method once a day. She’s too young to know how to poop and needs the encouragement.



    Update: We had a nice big solid poo without any additives and just warm damp paper towel. It was the right color (yellowish green) I got to say though, little girl can fart as well as my husband it seems.

    Forgot to mention she gets a bit of Desitin on her rectum after every elimination per vet’s advice.

    Good to know to just let her eat. Like I said, I’m a worrier.



    US, basically what I’ve found with my own tiny girl {barely 2.5weeks when rescued} is they eat what they want, when they want! But trying for 8Cc/oz of kitten is a good starting point. She had days when she’d eat barely 7tbs of her milk, and days when that more than doubled!

    As long as the baby is bright and perky, inquisitive, tracking movement and gaining weight, you don’t have much to worry about!

    We originally feared for Lilith’s vision, but she’s been getting steadily better. She might be ever so slightly near-sighted, but she plays and is just the most rambunctious thing now at 10wks old! Just give baby all the love you can, and make sure they’re eating until their lil tummy is squishy and full whenever possible. We tried every 2-3 hours in the beginning, and tapered off to about every 4-6 as soon as she hit 7wks. She just grazes on her kibble now, which is refilled only twice daily.

    With love, attention, and care, your little one will grow to be a healthy, happy adult in no time!



    We’re rounding to week 4 now. Weaning and litter training time. She peed in the couch… All on her own…

    I’ve been struggling getting her regular. She didn’t go for nearly 3 days despite trying all the methods. I heavily relied on Chaos’ constipation post. Finally, I got her to go last night, and go she did. Oddly enough, it was pretty soft, but there was a lot of it. Tonight I got what I consider a normal stool, hopefully it continues. None of the stores near me carry goats milk so I’ve stuck to formula.

    Calliope a fat healthy energetic girl though. My boy cats are pretty ambivalent (one still hisses at her but hasn’t tried to hurt her), the dog loves her. Her fur is like cotton, soft and thick and longish for a kitten her age. Crossing my fingers she’s long haired.




    Wee Calliope is too cute! Give her gentle kisses from me.

    One of the things that many peeps don’t get is there is no set rules for raising/fostering kits. We have guidelines but whether they follow them or not….
    That’s why it’s great when new and practiced purr parents share their exciting adventures.

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