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    Hi everyone

    Firstly I think I should mention my location we are in France. I’m saying this as it may have bearing on food advise

    20 days ago we found 2 little kittens in a Cyprus tree we monitored them but no mum to be seen. As they were falling from branch to branch it was time to intervene. Unfortunately we lost the little boy after 4 days. Our vets office had been fantastic and has seen us about 2to3 times weekly at no cost to monitor our little girl poppy. They are happy with her progress but admit they have never been presented with one so young. They say she is bright strong and healthy

    Her weight when we found her ( we weighed her on our 3 day) was age 7 days approx 112gms. Today she is 23 days old and weighs 164gms. Although she is gaining nice and steady. Everything I read says she is about 100 gms underweight

    She consistently drinks about 5ml at each feed and this can be between 30 – 40 ml per day depending on how much. She drinks. We do not seem to be able to obtain nutrition cal supplements for kittens I’ve looked everywhere including the vets who gave us tonivit to add to milk if she is a little of par. Am I being overly worried about her weight could she just be a petit kitty. Thank you everyone in advance for your input snd advice

    Nicci. South west France ??????????



    Sorry she 23 days old not 33 days. Slip of a finger x



    23 days old not 33. A slip of the finger. Sorry



    Hi Nicci, welcome to TDK!

    Yes, she could just be a petite kitten and may grow up to not be large. Remember, the guidelines we give are generalizations–some kittens will weigh in more or less, same with eating guidelines. As long as she is gaining weight, and is peeing and pooping, I wouldn’t worry about her.

    I’ll post a couple of links to sites that are helpful. I wouldn’t worry about Nutrical either, if she is eating good she wouldn’t need it anyway. It’s just good to use for sick kittens when they have gotten lethargic.


    Bottle Babies



    Hi Nicci,

    Welcome to TDK land. We’re the fluffiest forum around. Thanks for rescuing the kits and I’m sorry the wee boy didn’t make it.

    Kittens will eat as much as they need. KMR concentrate tends to give kits constipation and the liquid does the opposite. Here in TDKland, we recommend Goats’ milk for kittens. Cats are lactose intolerant and can’t digest cows milk. Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate the poop.

    I’ve provided a weight chart for kittens. This an estimate and not written in stone. If she is eating, gaining weight, peeing/pooping then I don’t think it is a problem. She may take to a gruel rather than just milk so, you can make a gruel by mixing milk and wet food. When you do feed her the gruel, make sure you open up the nipple so she can suck it out.

    FYI-you may put a soft blankie and something that smells like you (T-shirt) in her nest with a soft, stuffed toy. She will snuggle the toy and not be lonely.

    Good Luck and I hope to see your wee girl as our TDK soon.




    Hi thank you for replies. We have a lovely nest box for her with a heart beating toy cat in Oat bags soft toys and lovely bedding. All ore rubbed all over myself and husband lol. We’re a bit soft and have already bought her a playpen for when she is a bit more Mobil. We have bought on royal canin kitten mouse to mix with her milk. And here in France we use TVM which I expect is the same as in America. Again thank you xx regards nicci

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