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    I dont know what to do, literally I’m going insane!
    I’m from Mexico and in here we dont have the KMR, so I was feeding my cat with the Whiskas Milk and all was totally fine with him but then I found a ”better” milk with more vitamins and stuff at first he was fine but like two days later he is now constipaded, 2 days without poop! Im really nervous my head is literally going to explode! 😥

    I call up the vet and he told me that is not a problem and that is probable that the change of milk make him constipaded,,,,but I still thinking is a problem, I already change his milk AGAIN to the Whiskas one trying to ”fix up” the problem but is not working, I added Gerber pumpkin to his milk and nothing, I added probiotics and nothing, I added a few drops of milk and nothing, Im getting like really really worried!

    Is he fine? Should I take him to another vet?

    He’s active, eat well, walks, and things like that! give me your advice please! is my first time with an orphaned kitten, please tell me what to do!



    Also the other ”milk” was powdered formula



    Hi Wendy,
    Constipation is a problem in hand reared kittens, especially if you use the powdered KMR as that has been my experience. If you can get your hands on some goat’s milk, found in the refrigerated milk section of the grocery, or in the baking aisle in cans. The canned is condensed, so add water 1 to 1. This should straighten him out, and it’s full of probiotics for his gut. You can add a few drops of olive oil to his formula now, to help soften anything that is in there now. Also, I will post some links for you on hand rearing kittens and a video on the ‘triangle method’ of pooping a kitten. Hope this helps!!

    Helping a kitten to eliminate

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