3 month old kitten won't stop crying

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    I just got a kitten I named Wybie from my friends house. There he was an outdoor kitten with his mom and brother. I feel bad for taking him away but my friend doesn’t want any kittens. He crired the whole way home and for hours after he was home. At night he woke up every two hours and cried for about a half an hour. I live in an apartment and he is loud and I’m afraid that my neighbors will complain about him. I’m assuming he is missing his family. Thankfully he is not too scared or biting. he doesn’t mind being picked up or sitting on my boyfriends lap. I just want to know when the crying will stop because it is so sad to hear.



    You don’t say how old the kitten is, or if he was still nursing from his mom. I assume since you have him, then he isn’t. He will get accustomed to being without his mom and brother. The more attention you give him, the better. Get some toys for him to play with and a cat tree in front of a window so he can entertain himself by looking outside and watching birds, cars, people, etc. A litter box out of the way of high foot traffic areas, and a bed of his own too will make him feel like he belongs. Thanks for rescuing this little sprite….if it were me, I’d go back and get the brother… 😛

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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