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    Okay so, my mother-in-law lives next door, and she’s who i inherited all my cats from. most of mine have gotten fixed, but her 3 females are unfixed and have just given birth. they got pregnant and gave birth, probably on the same day.

    2 days after their supposed birth, one of the mama cats started bringing kittens to my MIL’s porch. it started with two, and then turned into 8. she put them in a box, and one of the mama’s took care of them. we think that these kittens belong to all 3 mama’s, we just don’t know (and i don’t know if the cats do either) which kitten belongs to who.

    it’s been two weeks now, and the mama that WAS taking care of them is very skinny, sickly, and until today she wasn’t eating. she was overwhelmed, and stopped taking care of them. i happened to have goat milk and KMR so my husband and i went to her house to help feed the babies.

    after about an hour, the babies were fed but still crying, so we decided to take one of the healthier mamas (until then only one mama had been caring for them) and trapped her in the box with them. eventually she did lie down, and feed them and they quieted and went to sleep.

    this morning, the babies crying drove my MIL crazy and she called me to come over. when i got there, the babies were not groomed, covered in their own feces, and none of the mama’s were taking care of them. i bottle fed them all individually but they kept crying and trying to look for teats.

    EVENTUALLY, the healthy mama did get in the box and feed them (about 2 hours later). I don’t know if she just didn’t know how to take care of them, or maybe she felt my stress and decided to help.

    I told my mother in law that I think when the mama cats brought the babies to the porch, they were expecting her to take care of them… I think that’s why they didn’t help. Currently, we are able to get one of the mama’s in there with them but she still won’t groom them. They seem to be peeing and pooping on their own, and other than crying a lot, and being disgusting and smelly, they seem pretty healthy.

    I need some feed back, because this has been a hard 2 weeks for me where kittens are concerned.



    Wow, if ever there was a reason to spay and neuter–this is it. These 3 cats have had kittens, now the kittens will be having kittens. I’m not trying to add to your stress, I’ve been there and there just is no other way. I hope there is someplace that can offer no to low cost spay and neuter near you.
    Okay, well, sometimes cats who have kittens in close proximity will help oversee each others’ kittens. In this case, one thought she could do it all, but seriously there is no way one cat can feed 8 kittens and stay healthy. All of the mother cats should have extra nutrition–goat’s milk for them, kitten chow as it has a lot more of what momma needs too and whenever she wants it.
    I would still try and keep putting the kittens with the mothers — whoever wants to nurse them can, but would definitely supplement each kitten making sure they have enough to eat. Use goat’s milk because it’s good for them and so much cheaper than KMR, and if they are dirty, then wipe them down with a damp cloth and clean their little butts. You can’t have dirty kittens, as flies and other insects will bother them, not to mention they aren’t fun to hold and cuddle when they stink. Yes, you and hopefully someone can help you, will have to push your sleeves back and get down to business! These kittens will need your help because their mothers are overwhelmed with the business of kitten rearing.



    KZ pretty much said it all. You should supplement the mama’s diet as well so they can keep up with their kits. You/MIL need to get these girls spayed. I’m providing links so you can find a low cost spay/neuter clinic/service.


    Animalkind has a $20 fix program for those who qualify.

    I know you’ll do your best for these families.




    Okay thank you! I know these kittens are out of hand, and I keep telling my husband that I want nothing to do with them, and that they’re breaking my heart and being responsible for them is just too much…. but then I hear kittens crying and I just can’t ignore them. When I lived in Hawaii I worked in a dog kennel… I’m a dog person!!!!

    I think I’m going to start a gofundme page to see if I can raise money from my friends and family for their spay/neuter fees.

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