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    I am very worried about my approximately 3.5 week old kitten. We rescued him from the parking lot last week on Wednesday (May 12) and took him to the vet right away. The vet gave her a clean bill of health on that day and so we decided to keep her.

    Buttons is an adorable little kitten who spends most of the day sleeping, eating very well, and being active when she is awake. We’re feeding her KMR and stimulating her to pee and poop just like we were taught. She pees when stimulated no problem as well as the occasional accident, but is not pooping at all! We took her to the vet again yesterday and at first the vet couldn’t get her to poop either. So the vet then took an xray of Buttons and came back to tell us that it looks like she does have hard stools in her intestines. She also told us that after some very vigorous stimulation as well as insertion of a long q-tip she was able to get Buttons to poop. She then suggested that perhaps it would be better if they keep her until Monday with one of the vet techs who is probably more comfortable being so vigorous with the stimulation. We agreed and since yesterday we’ve gotten a couple updates from the vet tech. She said that Buttons is peeing on her own but only sometimes pooping when she stimulates her. We’re both really worried and scared that she’ll still have the same problem when we pick her up tomorrow. Buttons seems so healthy otherwise so hopefully it’s not some sort of birth defect that she can’t poop on her own!

    I’ve looked at a lot of websites and really don’t know what to think! The vet said Buttons can’t have an enema because it could damage her on the insides because of how small she is, and we don’t know anyone who has a mother cat with kittens that could perhaps foster Buttons for a little while until she gets better and older.

    Well any advice or information would be greatly appreciated! What are some options we have if she can only poop sometimes with stimuation tomorrow? Sorry about the really long post!



    Someone who knows kittens should be around soon. I know some of them say that they don’t always poop every day when they are little



    hi there!! i am not an expert by far but I was having the very same problem with my baby boy 2 days ago! he hadnt pooped in days with stimulation, so I put him in my sink with some warm water to losen his muscles. I started to rub with 3 fingers around his anus (called the triangle method!) and he got a wee little one out but he was tired so i was going to try again in the morning, the next morning he pooped on his own. Maybe giving him a luke warm bath and just massaging his back end will help! i also had a few drops of veggie oil to his KMR food, to help losen things up…hope this helps!!!

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