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    So I’ve been rearing this tiny male kitten since he was maybe a day old. You see, my husband and I received a call from his grandparents who live down the road saying a mother cat was attacked by a neighborhood dog right after giving birth to three kittens on their porch. She took off with two of them, but never returned for the third. Because we live in such a wooded rural area, we couldn’t afford to leave a newborn kitten on its own for a long period of time. Once my husband told me the situation, I immediately offered to take the little guy in. I knew it would be no easy task, but I currently have the time, patience and dedication needed to hand rear him. Thanks to this forum, I have hand reared him up to 3 and a half weeks thus far with little to no problems. I’ve noticed, however, that Gizmo(kitten in question!) has developed much quicker than expected. For instance, he was purring at perhaps 2 days of age. He was cleaning himself before his eyes were even open. Now he’s at this awkward phase where he’s too wobbly to climb into a kitty litter box– but pees without any stimulation. I stimulate him after every meal, but I guess sometimes he has to go again. Not only that, his teeth are starting to come in sharp. He’s actually rigorously chewing on the nipple of his bottle when I try to feed him. On the flip side, I can’t get him to lap anything up either. The moment I pull out his bottle he gets super excited and tries to rip the bottle out of my hands.(which hurts to the point where I use gloves) I heard the weaning process starts at 4 weeks and ends at 8, however, I’m unsure of how to go about that if the kitten refuses to lap up water. I’m trying to get my older cat to show him how to properly cat, but he’s pretty set on his bottle. I’ve also heard that kittens will refuse a bottle when they are full, but Gizmo will eat formula till he can’t walk if I let him. He’s very sweet and playful for being as young as he is,I just want to make sure that he gets all the care and attention that he needs from me! Thanks in advance, every one! ?



    Congratulations on getting your kitten to the almost 4 week old stage! It’s not uncommon for them to chew on the nipple and not want to lap up water. Mine learned from the other cats how to drink water, so I’ve not worried about teaching since cats aren’t heavy water drinkers like dogs. I start offering wet food (the pate style with no chunks or bits) to them at this age, by putting some on my finger or a spoon and letting them sniff it. If they lick it, that’s great. If they don’t, I put a little on the roof of their mouth and get them to swallow it. Still they usually aren’t interested at first. So, I put a little bit of it in the bottle with the formula, then open the tip of the nipple up. I sometimes cut the tip off so the gruel can flow through. This helps with keeping them satisfied longer between feedings, and helps with pooping if they have been constipated.

    Eventually, my kitten started eating wet food and then I would pour a little formula over the top and he loved lapping and eating the food. It’s a good way to use up that expensive formula, give them extra hydration and give them the nutrition that the formula offers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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