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    Hi I was wondering if someone can help me. I have a 2 week old kitten who will not poop. She is eating 10ml’s every 2-3 hours of KMR. She will pee, but I only got her to poop a tiny little bit once. My vet told me to use a dry cloth but I used a wet one too and that did not help. I have had her for 2 1/2 days. Should I be very concerned? I will not be able to speak to my vet until Monday, since tomorrow is Sunday and Mother’s Day.



    Try a tiny bit of mineral oil in her formula. Use warm wet cloth to help stimulate her.

    Keep checking in here, The weekends are slower but there’s good advice to be had from others here.

    Many will be on later and after the weekend. Good luck with the little one.


    nawlins catmom

    They won;t ppop every day – be patient and keep checking back…



    it took me forever to get mine to go #2. i’ve had him a few weeks & he was 2 weeks old when we found him. he is getting a lot older and still doesn’t go every day. he went ALOT the first time, then just a bit each time after that. sometimes more than others, but nothing regular. their bellies are very tiny & they are on liquid diets, can’t expect them to poo too much i guess. as long as kitty is peeing a lot i wouldn’t worry. give it a bit. it took our kitty a few days to go, i wanna say 2 or 3, but i was very concerned by the end of it so it may have been more like 4. we just had to get some mineral oil for ours, the switch to wet food is messing him up. i wouldn’t give that unless you have to, and i gave a drop less than what the vet said. just so he didn’t go all over himself while he was in his bed. it worked though 😀

    also, side notes.. i found that mixing a tiny bit more water with the milk replacement powder helped a lot with him going potty. it says on the bottle 1 part powder, 2 parts water. but i do 2 1/2 closer to 3 parts water. just to keep him from getting backed up. & we took him to the vet the day we got him & got him a dewormer just in case he had worms. you may want to look into that as well, just as a precaution. that causes BIG problems with going #2.

    hope this helps! good luck 😀



    is it ok to add mineral oil if the kitten is only 2 weeks old? and is goats milk better for a bottle fed kitten



    Yes and yes. Given her size, only put a couple of drops of mineral oil per feeding.

    Thanks for caring for this wee girl, Debbie.

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