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    Ashley Pogo

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could share your experiences with me. I just started fostering and I have a few questions that are not important enough to bother my coordinator with xD I have 2 two week old kittens named Bumble and Bee c: Such cuties!

    – The two kittens suckle on my hand even when they aren’t hungry, is this just a sort of calming thing? Sometimes they even fight for the same spot on my hand to nom on LOL.

    – 3 weeks is the age to try and get them to use the litter box and start weaning them right?

    – If they do not get up and cry, is it alright to not feed them until they wake up? They slept for 6 hours once and I had to wake them up to feed them again. Should I be worried or will they really tell you when they are hungry?

    – Does anyone have experience with a kitten who has a bit of a hard time pooping? Poor girl poops little pellets slowly while her brother poops so easily.

    – Everyone says to put a heating pad on low, but mine is under a pet bed and a blanket, do you think medium is too hot for them? They don’t seem to move to the colder side so that’s a plus. Low just feels not warm enough, I would rather them move over if they are hot than not get warm enough.

    – When can you stop using a heating pad?

    I’ll add more questions when I have them but i’m excited to hear everyone’s experiences!



    Hi Ashley,

    I’m afraid I don’t have any experience with kittens, but Jeankit one of the members here has posted LOADS of links for raising them. It’s in a thread that’s still on the first page in Cats and Kittens. There are a ton of older threads for raising littlins too. Have a wee look because there are a heap of links to sites and videos on all sorts of things from constipation to behaviours. Hope that they help you with your 2, fostering sounds like so much fun 😀



    Hi Ashley, concatulations on raising little ones! I am going to give you a couple of links to very good sites to answer your question. I have hand reared many kittens, but the info is just too lengthy to keep retyping. If you have any questions after these links, feel free to post them!

    Chaos’ Guide to Constipation




    Hey Ashley, how are the kits doing? 😀



    Thanks for sharing helpful links KZ/Charlie.
    Just type in few word on pink search bar above right for more helpful chat/links.
    (That’s why always helps to put word as tag below when looking for chat/links on topic! 😀 )
    Welcome to TDK Ashley – please share update – questions…TDK peeps around from all areas/time zones to help!

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