2 week old kitten, feline herpes, eyes are swollen :( what can I do?

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    So I’m currently bottle feeding a 2 week old kitten (as of today or atleast we think she’s close to two weeks) I took her to the vet the day after we found her alone with no mom in sight (that was last Tuesday)

    The vet said she probably has feline herpes and at the time had an uri.
    The next day I noticed she was loosing weight and that’s when the vet prescribed me some
    Clavamox (.5ml twice a day) and some eye drops (have since stopped using)
    She seemed to be getting better until she wasn’t. She started to get constipation on Saturday and bloating really bad to the point where I took her to and emergency vet. They some some poop out (yes I’ve been stimulating her) and advised me to just keep doing what I’m doing.

    The first vet gave me some wet can food to dilute with water and feed her to get her weight back up so her current feeding includes 1ml of can food/pure pumpkin/water, 3.5ml of milk replacer (premixed), and 1ml of water. She definitely has an appetite.

    Well she’s starting to poop more regularly but my concern is her congestion and her VERY swollen eyes.
    Took her to the vet (different person looked at her than the first time) and they said just to keep doing what I’m doing and just hope she makes it.
    I’ve been trying to keep her warm, I have a humidifier going next to her, and she’s still on the clavamox.
    Is there anything you guys can suggest I do to try and get her congestion down and her swelling/infection in her eyes down?? I’m desperate and the vet isn’t all that helpful even tho there’s not much they can do.
    I’ll try to provide a picture of her eyes for you guys to see how bad they are :/




    You ARE doing everything that’s possible for this kitten, so don’t beat yourself up about that, and she is so sweet, poor little thing with her eyes. Will the vet prescribe a triple antibiotic ointment for the eyes instead of drops?

    The trouble with the feline herpes virus in kittens is that a kittens immune system is just not fully developed and she will have this her whole life. All my cats have it and it only flares up when they are stressed which isn’t often. But in adults you can give l-lysine (human grade, found in the OTC pharmacy section) crushed up and put on their food. It helps to boost the immune system and keep the eyes clear and help with sneezies. A small amount in her food probably won’t hurt her, but I would be more concerned about getting her eyes cleared up.

    Sometimes in extreme cases, kittens eyes cannot be cleared up and they end up losing one or both. Don’t freak out, blind cats are still wonderful pets and live healthy lives once they don’t have to live with diseased eyes. I hope everything turns out for you, keep us posted!


    Kaitlan Hester

    I’m so sorry you’re kitty is having so much trouble; you’re awesome for trying so hard! Has your vet mentioned an L-Lysine supplement? Some vets don’t carry it but it comes in a powder you can add to wet food and it is a viral replication suppressor. Let’s say the virus was replicating from one to twenty every hour it would slow it to ten every 2 hours. This gives kitty’s immune system a better chance to kick the virus and push it back into the background. If it is herpes kitty will have it forever but just like in people it flares up in times of stress and having lysine at home can help keep it in check. In smaller kittens the dose is usually 250mg twice per day. I have seen and heard of vets using serum spun out from kitty’s own blood to help heal the eye of bad ulcers or really bad eye damage that occurred from infection. I’m not sure if it’s useful in this case but potentially worth looking into.



    Thank you guys for the comments! I’ve been trying my hardest to help her kick this thing I HAVE actually been putting about 250 mg of l lysine (super crushed up) into her milk spaced into two feedings a day 😮 The eye ointments are definitely worth a try but i’m afraid the vet will say shes too young for any of those. My other cat has tried the serum using his own blood for his eyes when he had a VERY bad ulcer but for him it didn’t work and we ended up removing the eye.



    You are an angel to rescue and care for this wee kitten.
    Our cat was extremely ill with cat flu as a 6 week old and with a lot of care and love she made it through and is now almost 16 years old. I wish I had known about L Lysine back then. If you look for it make sure it is the powder and is just lysine and no other ingredient. For such a young kitten give about 250mg twice a day. It doesn’t mix well into fluids but try it.
    For your kittens eyes you can try gently dabbing them with cold used black or green tea tea bags as long as they haven’t had milk or sugar on the bags. Maybe allow some of the tea to cool to refresh the bag but a new bag each day.
    My cat still gets Lysine to keep the herpes at bay as she will always have it and if she is stressed then it appears as a weeping eye and snuffly nose.
    We found that she responded to being held or carried almost continually in the crook of our arms when she was a sick kitty. Don’t be afraid to sing to your kitten, it helps calm them.
    You have great advice from KZ and Kaitlan and you are doing the right thing.
    Please let us know how things are going.



    Thanks moon shadow! I’ll definitely try young the lysine just a hair more. Also will definitely try the tea bags if I can get a hold on some! Also tomorrow I will be calling the vet to ask them to weigh her and to check on her eyes again and see if I can get her on anything. Does anybody know at what age can a kitten start having medications?



    Your kitten is old enough to have this medication. I have been putting vet prescribed eye medications in kittens eyes as soon as they are ‘open’, but they are stuck shut with crusty infection. I have a kitten now that I put triple antibiotic Vetropolycin Opthalmic Ointment into his right eye, and it has cleared up within a week. I hope this helps!



    So a little update. the vet advised me to start using the eye drops again as the other eye option, apparently some kittens have an allergic reaction to it and he didn’t wanna risk anything. Eyes are more open but as far as I can see they are absolutely filled with gunky yellowy stuff and its swollen still. Also she is constipated again and nothing I’ve been doing is really working (Did the pumpkin, doing the goats milk, a few drops of mineral oil has already been tried) All my vet said was hope that when i stick her thermometer in her that it will help stimulate her to poop.
    Bright side is she is still alive ^.^



    The vet can do an enema for your kitten or give you one and show you how to use it. My kitten also had one eye that was shut, oozing yellow stuff. One week later on the triple antioiotic ointment, his eye is open and clear.

    Sending healing vibes to your sweet little kitten that she fights this and gets over it soon!!



    Sending healing energy and prayers your way.



    Thank you to everyone who has been sending positive energy our way!
    The vet has switched her to the triple ointment everyone has been talking about and she has tested negative for feline leukemia and feline aids which is good! She’s not loosing weight but she’s not really gaining it either which worries me a tad bit.
    She’s still alive and kicking! 🙂



    Oh YEAH! Strive ON little Ambrosia! I will keep sending healing vibes and white light to her!

    My kitten who is now around 3-1/2 weeks old and finally started to poop. I have started giving him wet food on my finger and he eats about two teaspoons full around 3 times a day plus his milk. He now uses his litter box and has even pooped in it twice. When you get her to take wet food, your constipation troubles will be over. Even if you mix some wet food gravy in her milk, it might help.

    Bottle Babies



    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to update you the day after ambrosia visited the vet she suddenly passed away without warning. Thank you so much for all of the good advice!



    Oh Cynthia,

    You did everything you could to save wee Ambrosia. She wasn’t meant to be in our world but she will carry with her the love and tenderness you gave her unconditionally.


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