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    Your strongest muscle & worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.” ~ Anonymous

    We have one “muscle” that can’t be taken away from us, it shapes everything we see, do and we experience the world around us. It isn’t an actual muscle, per se, but it is easily more powerful than even the strongest muscle. Our mind can make us sick, or make us well; it can drive us to see deception and paranoia in the actions in yourself and others. So what to do today? I guess you celebrate by, um, having a different. 😆

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    It’s been an OK day. We changed the pain the pain meds. so I’m not as wonky. hopefully, I can hang about ‘The Foreigner’ or “The Blade Runner.”

    Cya and have a happy~

    Night night



    Hi PG, hope your knee is feeling better. I have heard that knees are more painful than hip surgery, but I had to ditch my opiod pain meds altogether, they made me feel so nauseated. But after my surgery, my hip really didn’t hurt anymore, I just had to be careful not to bend over too far or do extended things that would make my hip pop out. The muscles have gotten stronger now and I can move much easier. I hope that’s the case for you too!

    I can’t train my brain…it’s already been hotwired! No, I do exercise my brain daily and have a very good memory….just ask Mr. KZ! 😆 😛 I hope I can always keep my wits about me!



    Hi PG & KZ – I’ve been using my brain to do the best I can at my relatively new job. Thursdays are my long day; I didn’t even get to the café yesterday.

    Have enjoyed watching Jeopardy! lately with Austin, who had a 12 day winning streak. There’s a guy who has a lot of stuff in his brain! Tonight the curtain rises to a new champion.

    Happy Friday the 13th! I had a pretty good day. A patient commented on my black cat pendant and I said I was celebrating the day. After work I treated myself to a Cherry Mountain Dew (I don’t have soda too often) and got a flu shot. Haven’t had one in years, but since I work in a doctor’s office it’s probably the prudent thing to do.

    It’s chilly today in Jersey! I finally turned up the temp on the furnace. A few weeks ago I made some veggie soup, the leftovers of which we’ll have for dinner tonight along with potato & cheese pierogis, yum!



    Hi all, it’s a glorious sunny Saturday here, a perfect Spring day. The sun is shining and so far there is no wind. Garden time ! So much to do in the garden and so many weeks behind because of the relentless wet weather.
    To make it even more Spring feeling the pair of Pilgrim geese a neighbour below us has have a young gosling at foot. We haven’t seen mother goose for many weeks but now the family have been noisily reunited. Now we are waiting for Mama duck to make an appearance with ducklings at foot. papa duck has been looking after last years 6 offspring.
    JK, thanks so much for sharing Gini’s pic of their newest baby. How cute is she AND wonderful to see Taco looking so wonderful as usual. AWWWWWWWWW
    PG, hope the change of pain meds are helping make you less ‘wonky’.
    I train my brain every morning while having my porridge. I do a ‘codecracker’ puzzle then the crossword in the newspaper. Later I do an online quiz or three and another ‘codecracker’ puzzle.
    Well I am off to do some much needed gardening work so I can plant out seeds for flowers and vegetables.



    Hi all! I analyze all day, so my brain always has a tired! Lol
    Mr. AV took me to movie/diner night, we’re laxing now. Pls prys Mon. For his sleep apnea surgery. Trying to enjoy the weekend.

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