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    Going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole life-style a Crime in Progress is not a happy prospect.
    ~ Hunter S. Thompson
    First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
    ~William Shakespeare

    Hmmm… We must remember that lawyers are human too. All those years of education makes a person able to defend their client, whatever the charge, without bias. I would not make a good lawyer.

    I have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. We’ll see where to go from here regarding my knee.

    Cya l8r and have a happy~

    Dans les rêves, il n’y a pas d’impossibilité.
    (In dreams, there are no impossibilities)



    Crossover pic –



    May I have TDK White Light please, HRH Shadz hasn’t come in for dinner and now it’s hours later and still no sign of her. We’ve checked inside and outside and called and whistled for her and nothing. Fingers crossed she comes in during the night. We are just beginning to get the next storm that is going to drop a months rain in a day. 🙁 😥



    Oh no, MS! ….. *yells thru the wormhole* “Shadz, you need to come home RIGHT NOW! You’re worrying your Meowmy” …… please keep us updated …. Caddy disappears sometimes, then a few hours later she saunters up on the porch like ‘not a care in the world’ ……. tons of white lights headed your way!
    My Son is a lawyer (among other degrees) ….. I haven’t won an argument with him since he was 5 LOL! …..
    Heading into a busy Tuesday, have a great day all!



    Breaking the law like a boss is such a cool pic.
    Hope you get some good options from the orthopedic doc, PG.
    Got a message from the ACO in my hometown yesterday, asking if I could bottle feed four tiny baby kittens. I really wasn’t sure if I could; though I have cages, my house is an open floor plan and I don’t have an extra room. As it turned out, a mom who had just weaned her kittens took the babies in as her own. Oh and by tiny kittens – they are three days old! (Four days today.)
    *Picks up megaphone* MOONSHADOW! COME HOME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!



    HRH please come now! Your purr parents are so worried and we miss you! COME HOME



    HRH get yourself home and I mean now!! Please don’t worry Meowmy like that! Sending heaps of white light for you and for Shadz!

    JJ, I thought I read something like what you are describing in a post on FB, with one of the kitten organizations–could that be?

    Rainy spring day here, it’s warm and dark, but so green outside. I think Avery and I will try and get some groceries today and dodge the raindrops!!



    PG, good luck with the ortho guy, keep us posted!!



    Happy Tooosday! 😉
    Sneaking in for a few!
    ‘Puter Guy is here!
    Working on bosses first – guinea pig LOL!
    Soon…so Tux will lend a paw if he needs an assistant!
    tuxie fixing computer
    In the mean time – grabbing a cuppa fave brew…back whenever!



    Thank you everyone who yelled and called out to HRH Moonshadow while I tried to sleep. I checked the front door at 6am, nothing and as I was shutting the door HRH nonchalantly wandered up stopping to stretch before coming inside. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, growl her or sweep her up in a big hug. I did nothing so as not to scare her. She nibbled at her food and asked to go back outside again. NOT A CHANCE MISSY. No way No how. You are grounded for a week ! Go upstairs to bed. She tossed me some major stink-eye and headed up to bed.
    We are going to be hit by the remnants of Cyclone Cook from today with possible 8 meter(24 foot waves) and massive amounts of rain and gales. I suspect HRH can feel what is on the way and decided to get in a nights mousing with the full moon before she has to stay inside. Just wish she hadn’t worried me so much. I am 😀 and 🙁 and 😡 and 😥 all at the same time along with exhaustion from broken sleep. I will give her a big squishy cuddle later in the day. Oh, sister KK asked if HRH smelled of booze and cigarettes when she wandered in, I replied no but there may or may not have been herbal usage and she was still wearing what she went out in yesterday. Sometimes you just have to laugh during tense emotional situations. 😉
    AV, chuckling about Caddy and about not winning an argument with son since he was 5 years old.
    JJ, that megaphone was a great idea.
    PG, in all my worrying last night I forgot to add that I hope the Ortho Doc has some positive options for your knee. Darned knees are such a nuisance when they aren’t working at 100%.
    KZ, it’s a warm and dark Autumnal day here, the calm before the storm though. We’re getting warm tropical air being driven ahead of the storm that is coming down from Vanuatu area of the Pacific.
    Waving to JK.



    Wow MS, what wonderful news! You had me laughing talking about HRH’s herbal usage and wearing what she went out in–why the little hussy!! So glad you can laugh now! (((hugs))) to you and to her!



    To your room HRH Sassypants! There’s no stink eye quite like a Torti-stink eye.



    😆 😆 @ hussy and sassypants.
    Torti stink-ey is in a group of it’s own that’s for sure.
    Decided to do the Easter shopping before the crowds tomorrow and the heavy rain too. Arrived home to find HRH had let herself out and was just wandering around looking at the rain. She came inside and chowed down on steak & kidney and then headed off out into the rain. Hope she comes back in tonight. Well this storm is going to be a doozy apparently, “unlike anything we have had in NZ in recent times”. Gulp. We will be hunkering down here that’s for sure.

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