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    Ive been caring for 5 kittens that were abandoned in a box since they were 1 day old. I took them in as I’m a bottle feeder and am fostering other kittens and they were an emergent situation in a bad neighborhood at night with no food. They all have had constipation since I’ve had them. KMR and PetLac formula constipate them even with 4 parts water! I added a few drops of olive oil which started to help but late last night, I realized one of the strongest kittens had a swollen area next to his anus. This afternoon, it began to ooze a small amount of puss when I tried to stimulate him, the puss comes if I push on the abscess of course. I’m assuming he needs to see a vet to get it drained and antibiotics. I don’t have a rescue backing for these ones and not sure what to do at this point! I will take to the vet out of pocket if I must. Any ideas?



    Yes, you need to take him to the vet. He could have an impacted anal gland. In any case, if there’s pus it needs to be cleaned out and given antibiotics. Here two links for low cost/free vet. care. These places can provide full vet. care.




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