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    Hello, I have a one week old kitten that I’ve had since she was about two days old. The landscapers found her all alone crying very loudly and I know who the momma cat is, which my neighbors and I have been trying to catch her for some time to get her spayed. I tried day after day for hours to get the momma cat to take this kitten back and she wouldn’t. I am a stay-at-home mom with three kids and two of them I am homeschooling. So I’m able to be with this kitten all day and bottlefeed her every three hours. My question is she has such a big round belly at all times. When I go to feed her if feels as though she has already eaten because of how big her belly is and I am stimulating her but she only durables little bit of urine here and there and has pooped three times since I got her last Wednesday. I have fostered kittens in the past but none this young and took her to the vet right after I found her but I’m wondering if this is normal or should I take her back? I know most people would say if you have a question are you think there’s a problem take her to that but I’ve already spent how much money and I have three other cats and a dog and I want to help this baby and care for her but I don’t want to spend money that I don’t have to because I know there’s many of you who are experienced much more than I am and can guide me in the right direction. Thank you very much for any advice, feedback and guidance



    Hi Brooke, sounds like she is really doing fine. I know the big tummy is worrisome, but she is eating and peeing and pooping so…..I don’t really know the answer. I would say if any of those things changes, definitely take her to the vet. She may have parasites (worms) as most kittens do and that can cause belly bloat. But she is still too young I think for a dewormer.
    I am going to post a couple of links for you to look over that are full of info on hand rearing kittens. Many of us have used them with success over the years.

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