1 month old kitten (Piojo) and 2 years old resident cat (Oishi) fighting ?

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    Hello everybody! It’s me again!
    I am so thankful once more for all the wonderful people here, I have had the best of advice always!
    Now this is my situation:
    Piojo started to eat by himself today, yay! He is eating wet food, he showed no interest whatsoever in the dry food in water. So he is staying in the play pen except for the times when I take him out to walk around a bit, 2 or 3 times a day usually when Oishi is sleeping.
    Everything seemed to be fine between the two until today that Piojo started eating. Piojo is also very active now in the pen and plays a lot with his toys and has a lil scratching post there so he has lots of fun.
    SO today Piojo was climbing the wall net as usual, and OIshi went to it and instead of sitting next to it as usual, he started to paw it and then kind of went a bit crazy pawing it and wanting to play I guess. He also started to bite the bottom of the pen, and paw the floor of it.
    I heard Piojo screamed at some point but he was not hurt, cause I checked immediately and nothing happened to him.
    I showed Oishi the bottle spray he’s scared of and he somewhat calmed down.
    Later on, I let Piojo out a bit and Oishi did a side walk and his fur and tale went fluffy, like when he’s scared or mad.
    I have no idea what happened, why the sudden change. Is it because now Piojo walks around everywhere when he is free and is leaving his scent on things and Oishi is worried about his territory so he’s becoming aggresive?
    What do I do? Piojo sleeps in the playpen in the living room, and Oishi sometimes sleeps in the living room too, under his cat tree. Should I be worried? Can Oishi tear the play pen apart? Would he do such a thing?
    May this have been just for today and he had a bad day?
    I am really concerned now…
    I appreciate all your help!
    I am attaching a picture of the play pen so you have an idea of the kind of play pen it is, it’s the fabric one.

    This was yesterday, everything fine and relaxed

    This is the pen



    Yea, Piojo is eating on his own!

    Piojo has been in a secure place and couldn’t get into Oishi space. Oishi was OK with that but when Oishi discovered that Piojo was freed, he wasn’t as happy. No, I doubt he’ll tear the playpen apart. Oishi needs a bit of time to get use Piojo OUT of his playpen. As you said, Piojo’s smell is going to be everywhere so Oishi responded the way he knows how and that’s the bushy tail. As long as he didn’t growl, hiss or try to smack Piojo then is should go OK.

    I understand you’re confused but this behavior is normal. Once your lil guy was free, Oishi did what a resident cat does. When you let Piojo out give Oishi attention. He needs to know now that even with Piojo is out; he’s still your baby boy.




    Awww thank you so much for such a quick answer!
    Now I am crying, my Oishi IS my baby boy, he is my soulmate and I love him to the infinite!
    I know it will take time, I want to do the right thing with both, cause Piojo is also special and a lil angel.
    It’s difficult sometimes, I get so overwhelmed… but if we made it this far we can make it!
    Thank you so so much for your help always, I truly appreciate it



    By the way, when Piojo is out normally Oishi is sleeping.
    If Oishi happens to wake up, he comes running and that’s when I keep holding a bit on Piojo while Oishi smells him, I am scared to let Piojo free because he is very fast and if he runs, Oishi will run after and I will not be fast enough to catch him if something happens.
    I this something I am doing wrong?



    How to Introduce a Second Cat

    I posted a couple of links to give you some ideas on your new cat introductions. I think it sounds like they are doing fine. Your resident cat is curious and he should be, at the same time this is his territory and he will have to share it. The kitten will be full of energy once he is released from his cage so make sure that the resident cat has places where he can get away from the rambunctiousness of the kitten. They will squeal, sometimes it sounds like they have been hurt, but this is just the sounds cats make when playing. If it gets too rough, make sure to break them up, or divert them with a wand toy trying to avoid getting your hands in the mix. The new kitten will be taught by the resident cat when he is biting too hard, and this is something that the kitten needs to learn.

    Hope this helps!



    Hello again! Thank you so much for your words and links. I so wish Jackson Galaxy would live around here, no doubt I would call him to help me.
    So it did happen, this morning I woke up at 7 am with screaming sounds; Oishi did tear the pen zipper apart and baby Piojo was out of it, sitting there and Oishi next to him. I assume something happened because I hear the screams, but none of them was hurt. As you can imagine, my shouting probably freaked them out, but I got so so scared…
    Now I sewed the zipper tight and moved the furniture in the living room where the pen has been staying for the past 2 weeks, in a way that net door is covered. However, I noticed Oishi is still going crazy around it, trying to dig the floor and meowing to Piojo when he plays inside.
    Of course when I am here in the living room, I stop any crazyness from happening but what worries me is the nightime and the times when I eventually have to leave the house.
    I have to admit that I am frustrated with the current situation, everything was fine just 2 days ago and then all of a sudden Oishi is acting like this.
    Even though I did not exactly follow the introductions as in the video, it was somewhat like that, Piojo was 5 days old when he came home, he stayed in the bathroom for around 2 weeks, then when the box was too small for him to keep living in and he wanted to explore more, I moved him to the pen, and the pen has always been here in the living room, where Oishi and him could exchange smell and visually.
    Piojo only comes out the pen for about 1 hour or 2 max a day, and in short periods, I let him walk around a bit because he is very intersted in exploring; and Oishi was normally sleeping while this happens or stays around but never really tried anything.
    Today Piojo was out a bit in the afternoon, and Oishi got near him, first licked his head and body a bit, and then paw him down and bite his neck. I guess he didn’t really bite him because Piojo didn’t cry and he was fine, no hurt, but I separated them.
    Then a bit later, Piojo was out again a bit and Oishi again paw him down and bite his ear, I saw teeth this time but Piojo didn’t cry and there was not hurt again. I again separated them and put Piojo in the pen.
    I am feeling really really worried and frustrated, I guess they can pick it up from me, so I’m trying to be calmed.
    Oishi is demanding lots of attention, which I give him, I play with him, I cuddle him, I tell him I love you, I give him treats… but he still wants more and more, and I do need to do other things like work (I work from home), or go grocery shopping.
    On the other hand, Piojo is like a recluse in the pen, I am getting scared of taking him out so he stays in there and I feel sad for him.
    My house does not have separated rooms, only the bedroom and bathroom.
    The bedroom is not an option because that is were Oishi sleeps and I don’t want to invade this space for him.
    I am thinking about putting the pen in the bathroom at night or when I leave the house – or should I leave it there and start all over the process?
    I am lost and desperate.
    On a side note, my husband is on a trip abroad for work and I think Oishi is really missing him too. He will only come back in 2 weeks, so I am here on my own and this is really hard.
    Thank you for all your help,



    Of course, no soon do I say Oishi won’t tear the pen up, he does. 🙄 I don’t know because Piojo is outside and Oishi hasn’t hurt him. This is the only advice I know:

    Shared Human Time – Try sitting on a sofa with a cat on each side. Talk to them as you pet both of them. Another time, you can give each one a treat, one cat at a time. The older cat will watch closely to see that he gets her fair share of the treats and will be satisfied when he sees that he is.
    Mutual play with a feather wand or a laser pointer – Cats love to chase things, and the older male may become so involved that he finds herself playing side-by-side with the kitten.



    Thank you very much for your advice, i really appreciate it a lot.
    I will try the shared time and treats for bits during the day, but I made the decision to keep Piojo’s pen in the bathroom during the night.
    He will be safe there and I will be able to get some sleep and recharge for the day.
    I know it will take time, and patience is a must. Soon Piojo will be a grown up, so I know things will settle once he gets a bit bigger and they both can interact more.
    Thank you again for all your kindness!



    Jimena, you are doing everything fine! Don’t stress yourself over nothing. When the cats are playing together, even if they make noise, as long as they are not aggressive toward each other, let them play and don’t separate them. Oishi is teaching Piojo boundaries as far as how hard to bite and how rough to play. It’s a great idea to just put the kitten in the bathroom at night, that way you can get some rest without worrying about your boys. I really think, by what you have written, that your cats are getting along great and that Oishi is just very curious and anxious to have a little brother.

    I agree with you about Jackson Galaxy–if I could get him to stay in the spare room I wonder if he would? 😆 I have 5 cats all different ages, youngest 10 weeks…so I know what you are going through. There is a difference between playing and getting too rough, to plain cat on cat aggression. Hissing is really no big deal either (unless it’s followed up with hard biting and scratching) because the one that’s hissing is letting the other know to back off.



    Yeah, when me and my husband moved in together, he brought a male and female cat and I brought a dog and a male cat. His female HATED my male. She would attack him randomly, especially in the litter box… Without going into detail, we’ll just say it created some gross habits so my cat would feel safe. Sadly, she got out one night and with the exception of 1 blurry picture from a neighbor, we never saw her again. Oddly enough, the boys got along pretty quickly even though both were very much grown (Skrat’s a senior).

    So now, I have a new little girl kitten. Skrat, my husband’s cat, couldn’t care less. Loki, my cat (profile photo), is less than pleased. He has yet to try and attack her though, just hisses. I took the towels she’s been sleeping on and put 1 under their food bowls and 1 in one of Loki’s favorite sleeping spots. I sweetened the spots with some treats. Hopefully, the boys will associate Calliope’s smell with things they like. Maybe that could help you?



    THank you so much Kittyzee for the reassuring words, I so need them!
    I also think OIshi is very anxious to interact with the baby, now he is a baby himself even when he’s 2 years old (I guess somebody spoiled him a lil bit too much maybe? 🙄 ) so he gets a bit over excited, plus he is a big boy so he can get a bit heavy on Piojo.
    I have been interacting with both of them at the same time today, and giving Oishi treats and playing with his wand rat like pussigato suggested, but me always having Piojo nearby my lap and hand.
    Urbanshide thanks so much also for your suggestion, and I’m sorry you are going through a hard time with your furry babies. Oishi has smelled and interacted quite a bit with Piojo already, as he is always observing him in the pen while Piojo plays and getting closer to smell him too, he even licked his head a couple times before pawing him down!
    TO be honest, having Piojo in his pen in the bathroom at night is a good idea (Even when I feel a bit sorry for him), because it allows me to sleep and Oishi to relax too. Piojo really is not suffering there cause he has his pen with all his things and he just eats and sleeps pretty much.
    I am not ready yet to let them interact freely – I know Oishi is anxious but Piojo is still too tiny, he is 33 days today. I will continue with this routine – daytime in pen in the living room with brief times outside the pen to walk around a bit under my supervision and mostly when OIshi is sleeping or not around to chase him, and nights in the pen in the bathroom. Soon enough Piojo will be 2 months and a half, and when he reaches that age I will feel a lot more confident in letting him fully interact with his brother Oishi and let them do their cat thing about setting their dominance and stuff – of course I will still supervise.
    Thank you so much everybody for all the kind words and caring!

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