1 month old kitten is not pooping for 2 weeks!

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    I adopted a kitten, she was in trouble, tar age chilo 2 weeks when i adopted her.
    After I bought her home she pooped 1 time.
    After that two weeks went by I am taking care of her.

    She is drinking a lot of milk like around 15ml each 3-4 hours, and peeing really well by herself by now.
    I used to give her Powdered milk diluted with water.
    She is still not that much into solid food yet, but will eat fish like 1 time a day. I only gave her 2 days in these 2 weeks time to be honest. And still no poop.

    She is now 1 month old, playful but not too much, but on the quieter side.

    I tried to stimulate her mumtiple times but She is not pooping whatsoever. The vet here said its normal and to give more wet food.
    I changed the powder milk to liquid milk from today.
    Im worried. Please help.



    i had the same problem with my kitten. He wouldn’t poop for several days with vigorous stimulation. I had to take him to the vet to be flushed out because he was severly impacted.



    and yes, changing to liquid is much better. Its more expensive but its better for them because it decreases the chance of them getting constipated and stopped up.




    Welcome to TDKland. Please call vet. I understand there aren’t many vets in your area then here’s my best advice. Powdered formula tends to give to kits constipation so stay with liquid. Here in TDKland, we recommend Goats’ milk for kittens. Cats are lactose intolerant and can’t digest cows milk. Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate the poop. If you don’t have access to Goats’ milk in a store, I’m sure someone raises goats milk and can get some. It does need to be pastuerized. Here’s how to do that:

    To pasteurize milk, follow these steps:

    – Put milk in a double boiler or in jars in a pasteurizer or canner and heat to 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds.
    – Cool the milk as quickly as possible, but make sure not to put the hot jars in cold water or they will break.
    – Store the milk in the refrigerator.

    You can give her a dab of Karo sryup (corn syrup) or honey in her month If, at any time, she seem lethargic. Also, a smidgen of mineral oil in her formula can usually help her poop. You can put a dab of Neosporin on her bum is he gets sore. She needs to poop but she doesn’t know how to do it on her own. Here’s a video showing how to help her poop.

    Good Luck



    Ah thanks so much for those lovely advices! I will definitely try them and let you all know! Thanks alot!!



    One important thing-calm down. It’s so easy to panic when you have a wee kit in your care but staying calm, helps both you and your wee girl.

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