Please join me in remembering a departed Star Kit, Sandy. She was 9 years old from Cleburne, Texas.


Sandy showed up on our doorstep one morning screaming her little head off starting at about 6:30 am. My sister-in-law let her in the house about eight when it became obvious she wasn’t going to shut up. 🙂

She was a tiny thing, and covered in fleas. We gave her a bath and decided to keep her until we could find her a home. Soon we realized that she had made her home with us.

We had an older flame point Siamese girl named Pebbles, so my husband named the kitten Sandy because “sand is smaller than a pebble”. I asked him what we were going to do when Sandy grew up to be bigger than Pebbles, who is on the small side for a female cat. “Details!”, he said.


Sandy was always tiny for her age and quit growing at six months. She stayed the six of a six month old kitten for her entire life. She had a tiny body, but a huge personality. She would scream at you when she saw you, it was hard to believe that such a loud meow could come out of such a tiny cat!

And she purred. Oh boy did she purr. We called it insta-purr, because the second she woke up she’d start to purr and she wouldn’t stop until she fell asleep again. She loved to be cuddled, but hated to be petted.

She got into everything. I never knew where I’d find her when I went to look for her. I’d be wandering around the house and randomly hear a scream, I’d look for her and find her in the weirdest places. She climbed in my slow cooker one time, and jumped on my freezer (five feet off the floor) another time.

Sadly she developed cancer at about nine years old. She’s gone, but never will be forgotten. I don’t share this to make anyone sad, I share her to share her wonderful life with the world. She was the most amazing kitten I’ve ever owned.


Author: Tom “The Kittenmaster” Cooper

Tom is the owner of 4 amazing cats, and using the Daily Kitten he provides a place for cat and kitten lovers to share the love for their own cats and kittens.