Please join me to meet and greet our newest Star Kit, Maple. She is a 10 week old British Short Hair from the UK.



I’ve just bought a beautiful BSH kitten at 10 weeks, she is fully scratch post and litter trained and is on dry and wet food. My partner and I got her over the weekend so we have had a full day to settle her in and let her explore the apartment, she seems very happy and is extremely affectionate.

Today we left her for the first time in a safe big(ish) room whilst we are at work from 8am – 5.30pm, we have equipped her with a few toys, food, water, scratch post, litter tray and tv on. However, I am extremely anxious about her being okay at home alone. I am very worried she will get lonely and upset every day and feel very guilty leaving her.

Can anyone advise if it is okay to leave her as she is every day and when it would be appropriate to let her out in the rest of the apartment whilst we are at work? The apartment is a large two bed and we are unable to get another kitten until next year.

Any advise/support of how to improve her situation is appreciated.


Author: Tom “The Kittenmaster” Cooper

Tom is the owner of 4 amazing cats, and using the Daily Kitten he provides a place for cat and kitten lovers to share the love for their own cats and kittens.