I’d like you all to give a warm welcome to today’s Star Kit, Popie. He is 3 weeks old from Poplarville, Mississippi.


My boyfriend found him at work a week ago. After waiting for 2 hours for momma to show up, he finally picked him up and brought him home, in fear he would die if left. I went and picked him up and I started him on bottle feedings, he weighed 5 ounces and his right eye was budging and completely white with left eye cloudy.

We took him next day to the vet as not sure on age and he was placed at 10 DAYS old, with a blown right eye and the left eye on the way. We were told he would be blind in both eyes and it was best to put him down. This I could not do and after the vet told me he was not in pain… I decided to fight for the Little Guy (that is what I call him)…. We put him on an antibiotic (oral and eye ointment) and I started the hourly checks on him to make sure he was warm and every 2 hour feedings.

As I sit here writing this I am happy to say we are a Happy 21 days old and we are a “chunky” 11.19 ounces!!!! The bulging right eye is no longer, but you can tell he is blind in it. The left eye, we just might be okay with it. There is a small amount of cloudiness, but it acts like he can “see” from it. As soon as the oral antibiotics are done I will be taking him back to the vet to see where we stand.

This little guy has stole my heart and he is a little miracle to me. I pray that the vet is wrong in telling me he wont make it and he could still die… I just thank God every time I wake up and he is okay. The picture of him in the rocks is where he was found under the steps.


Author: Tom “The Kittenmaster” Cooper

Tom is the owner of 4 amazing cats, and using the Daily Kitten he provides a place for cat and kitten lovers to share the love for their own cats and kittens.