Location: Aizawl, Mizoram, India


One fine morning, my niece and I heard some mewling coming from our library shelves. The mewling would stop whenever we neared one section of the bottom shelves which had sliding glass doors. Noticing the doors slightly ajar I opened them wide and was shocked to find two little fur balls whose eyes were just starting to open. Mama cat had somehow snuck into our house at night and left her litter there as it had been storming the night before. Poor little fuzzies were starving and mewling for their mama and mama being a semi feral cat would not come into the house while us humans were awake. After a few attempts to dropper feed them milk, I wrapped them up in a blanket and put them in a shoe box and left them out for mama cat to take back. Long story short, mama took only one of them back and left the runt who had stopped mewling or moving much. Late in the evening after I gave up hope of mama cat ever coming back for the runt, I brought him in and there began the 1st of many many sleepless nights to come!

My Charger’s a trooper and he has pretty much battled through a lot of illnesses caused by lack of his mama’s milk — respiratory tract infections, eye infections, nerve damage on his hind leg and inability to walk for over a month due to calcium deficiency.

Today he’s half the size of his semi feral brother that comes for his daily feeding outside my porch but he’s as active, pouncy and aggressive as him but also extremely affectionate.

We were a pet free home and initially the idea was to give this kitty all the chances of survival and find a good family to adopt him.

Five and a half months later, he’s still with me and I fall more in love with him everyday!

A BIG thanks to web sites like these that helped me so much during the first few stressful weeks of hand raising my fur ball. God bless you all!

This is a picture of Charger reclining and watching TV — one of his many favorite things to do.

Author: Tom “The Kittenmaster” Cooper

Tom is the owner of 4 amazing cats, and using the Daily Kitten he provides a place for cat and kitten lovers to share the love for their own cats and kittens.