• feral started the topic Sending My Love in the forum Purrs 1 year, 11 months ago

    Wanted to send Luv,Hugs,Purrs & Headbonks to my 2nd Family b4 getting my internet cut off. I will miss you All!!

    MS…Thank You! Loved the waving kitty. It gave me a nice send-off smile.

  • Well my 2nd Family…. my internet will be cut off as of Tuesday May 5th. I’ve been depressed most of this morning & afternoon about it but I have no other options at this time. I’ve been around TDK since it first started (altho I lurked a short while b4 joining). Altho I can’t say I’ll be w/out internet forever I will sooooo miss you all!! You’ve…[Read more]

  • feral replied to the topic New Hummer Baby! in the forum General Chat 1 year, 12 months ago

    I’m now meowmy to 2 bouncing baby Hummers! Saw the 2nd one today. They’re oh so tiny. Only watching them at a distance. Mom & pop are both around & caring for them. I hope they both thrive.

  • feral started the topic New Hummer Baby! in the forum General Chat 2 years ago

    I just spotted the little bobble-head baby hummingbird in the nest today. I’m a bit concerned tho. I haven’t seen mom or pop in the nest since yesterday evening. Doesn’t mean they haven’t been there. I just haven’t seen either. I hope they’re alright & visit the nest soon. It’s such a tiny thing but mom is real small too. I put out a full fresh…[Read more]

  • feral replied to the topic Just a Small Rant… in the forum General Chat 2 years ago

    Funny you should mention ‘Whack Bonk’ MS. My de-webber is the same color as my whack bonk…Green. What’s stranger is the orangie (bully of the 2) is the same cat that the crazy cat lady & myself saved from sure death yrs. ago. He fell into the treatment pond the park has here. A death trap w/steep sides covered w/thick plastic. Once they fall in…[Read more]

  • feral started the topic Just a Small Rant… in the forum General Chat 2 years ago

    Some people just make me want to slap them & then slap them some more. The residents in this park don’t seem to have a clue as to how to care for their cats. The cats spend more time in other’s yards than their own. I also observed that most of them that neglect their animals also neglect their kids. They run around like banchees acting rude &…[Read more]

  • Needed to break my concentration off of all that’s going wrong & this definitely did it. MS it can’t get any funnier than your ‘Kiss It’ pic. I get the same treatment from a couple pigeons here when I look out to the birdfeeders. They knock half the seed out just trying to fit on the perches. I can’t stop giggling at that pic. After 3 yrs. of not…[Read more]

  • feral replied to the topic Did Unthinkable Thing in the forum General Chat 2 years ago

    Thank You Buttons. Your emotional support means everything to me. It’s the last thread that keeps me hanging on. It’s the only thing that keeps me from giving up. HUGS! Thank You also for your Prayers. Mine just aren’t being heard. I think God gave up on me. Too many unlucky things going on I guess. He’s given me up as a lost cause.

  • feral started the topic Did Unthinkable Thing in the forum General Chat 2 years ago

    I was on the verge of stabilizing things as well….but…as usual…s**t happens. I’ve been doing yard work for the 26 yrs. I’ve lived here & have always been careful about weed cutting. And I did the same this day but luck have it…luck ran out. While weed whacking, a rock shot surprisingly out of the usual direction & straight into the side…[Read more]

  • BTW…Happy Purrday Joan. I’m so sorry I’ve missed yours & many others over these past months. I hopoe it was fun. Hugs!!

  • Trying to make light of my pending future…Thank goodness I still have my humor….the first thing that popped into my head was…my hiney on a stick. hahahaha

  • feral replied to the topic Siobhan has her wings in the forum General Chat 2 years, 1 month ago

    Oh Jeankit…the pic of Judy w/the kitties just made me burst out & sob. Such a Great loss of a Wonderful & Loving person.

  • Hahahahahaha….In ur bed…eatin ur waffles. OMG…that’s my Rusty-boy whenever I’m lucky enuf to afford Pastry bites. He loves the apple flavored.

  • feral replied to the topic Siobhan has her wings in the forum General Chat 2 years, 1 month ago

    I echo the others….she will make me smile w/the memories of her. Sio…you’re w/your beloved Tansey now. May you have Lasting Peace.

  • Yeah…see me Roar…lol. Must go for now. The time change is messing w/me. The kits are giving me dirty looks for not feeding them on their schedule. I miss you all!

  • Happy Purrday Dorry. Hope it’s been fun! My three Muskateers (Misty,Spunky & Rusty) turn 8 this month & say…don’t sweat the small stuff as you get older. They apologize for not attending your sleepover bcuz Spunky (at 22 lbs) can be quite the bully & may even damage the wormhole while passing thru. They said to have a piece of cake on them &…[Read more]

  • 🙂 Thanks KJ

  • Hugs!!! I awoke this morning feeling very somber & alone (& a bit older). But you guys went & put a smile on my face. It’s nice to know there are people in the world that care about you & your well-being. I may being losing a lifetime of belongings & a roof over my head but that doesn’t come close to the spirit of Love & Compassion you all give so…[Read more]

  • I have to tell you all how grateful I am for your friendship,support & your belief in me over the yrs. We’ve all gone thru some tremendous ordeals together…good & bad. The ordeals I’ve endured over the last several yrs. have taken it’s toll on me. It’s crushed my belief in any god I thought may be watching over me. I don’t know if I will ever…[Read more]

  • I’m ready to give up. Everything & anything that needs to be taken care of is on hold. I’m now sick. My biggest worry was not to get sick. The temps. in my house are still plunging into the 30’s & I’m having to skip eating at least 3 days a week,. More now since I’m too sick to get up & rummage for something to eat. My poor kits are using soiled…[Read more]

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