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    @Pussigato they were dewormed! Would that have any affect on their eating habits? I woke up to him making that awful sound and his little body heaving but thankfully nothing came up this time all though he clearly still feels a bit sick. He also makes these little licking noise that sound like he’s thirsty but he’s drinking his water every now and…[Read more]

  • I’m on here often talking about my boys, peanut and gumball. They’ve been making amazing progress at just over 5 weeks old, they’re slowly being weaned onto wet food after a visit to the vet which concluded in the doctor urging us to stop the formula unless it was being included in the wet food because they were underweight. One of the kittens has…[Read more]

  • My kittens are a little over 5 weeks now, they’re being weaned onto regular food after a visit to the vet that confirmed they were a little under weight and needed something with more nutrients. They’ve been doing well when it comes to eating the wet food, they need help being reminded that they have to eat from the plate but once I get them there…[Read more]

  • I feel as though I’m always on here complaining or looking for help but the answers you guys provide always put me at ease and truly help me! My kittens just turned 4 weeks old, they’re very healthy as far as I’m concerned, soft clean fur, incredibly playful and energetic when they’re not napping, very loving as well, they purr like crazy and love…[Read more]

  • My kittens were rescued at roughly 3 weeks old last Monday (04/10/17) considering they were orphans I did take them in and immediately begin bottle feeding and stimulating, they pee regularly but didn’t poop until this passed Sunday (04/16/17) which was so relieving considering we were so unbelievably worried about them being in any form of pain…[Read more]

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    My two 4 week old kittens have been starting to use the bathroom on their on throughout their little area, I had set a small tray of litter near them but instead of using the bathroom they tend to want to eat it! It’s a clumping litter so I removed it immediately in order to refrain from either of them getting sick, any tips on how to start…[Read more]

  • I’ve posted twice about my (now almost) 4 week old kittens that we saved last Monday not pooping for almost 5/6 days and they finally went today! It was a healthy number 2 as well, they didn’t seem to be in any pain when it was comig out, no strain, no crying, they were very comfy in my hand. The poop looks healthy as well, although the color is a…[Read more]

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    So the orphan kittens I have were saved on Monday (04/10/17) they’re 3 weeks old roughly and although they’ve made great progress (they eat every 2-4 hours, they play, they purr, they walk around, they give the occasional kiss or so) they still have not pooped even once, they pee all the time and don’t seem to be in any discomfort whatsoever,…[Read more]

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