• Me again.

    With IMPORTANT breaking news in keeping with today’s theme: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Kate Middleton) uses a regular ole washcloth to rinse her royal face! 🙄 Too bad $$$ store is closed or I’d just have to get me a new dedicated washcloth right now! And here I am managing quite nicely with just cotton pads for eye…[Read more]

  • Lagatta, there are so many kewel hairdressers in your area. One of my Knitting Circle cohorts goes to someone in Villeray. It’s far from where she lives so she must like the stylist/price. If you want let me know and I’ll ask her the name of the place.

    Mega tks for the 711 info – I’ll treat you to a virtual espresso.
    Printed out schedule and…[Read more]

  • {{{Leeny}}}

    My sense (and please take it for what it is worth, I’m just trying to support you) is that you might be obsessing about the burial situation. And for sure I’m an expert at obsessing. *Sigh*

    Your choices through all of this sadness is what was right for you. What matters is that you did the horrendously difficult but compassionate…[Read more]

  • KZ, I just seem to have an eye for strangeness LOL. You’re right re hackers/viruses, against my better judgement I have on occasion clicked on one of those links and they seem legit, but the business IMO isn’t. I edit jobwise, and have been paid to help students ie compose a good CV, but ultimately it’s their work. I have big prob with students…[Read more]

  • KZ, not problems per se. Just some peeps have been starting up threads that are in effect adverts for ie essay writing services (IMHO cheating) and today info on some film. This stuff just takes up space that we want to keep “fluffy” so when I see it I alert KM, he’s the one that handles this sort of thing. No worries.

  • Grrr! Sometimes I feel like I’m a TDK policepurrson what with some of the “interesting” posts – so glad we have our KM to “take care” of things.

    The only beauty treatment I do is hair cut ea 5 wks. Just bought me clay masque to try. And I have one of those battery-operated foot thingies that planes down heels, calluses, etc. Plus an awesome…[Read more]

  • Hi all – the beautician I go to is closed on Mondays, though I don’t go often do it doesn’t matter to me.
    Leela wakes up purrfect!
    Walked/hiked 4 miles this morning. Wore a different pair of shoes but now my feet hurt so I won’t be wearing those anymore for any serious walking! I sure hope your knee feels better soon, PG.
    I like “Too Cute” also.…[Read more]

  • Lagatta, that, or they haven’t quite left the 13th Century, re these stupid superstitions! 😡

    Nice day in n’hood. Plan to go to gym for DIY class as soon as I get myself together (of course Dorry has had his fur combed, teeth/brushed, noms as he is priority LOL).

    Some peeps have today as hol. But not for a freelancer. I’m “supposedly” getting…[Read more]

  • I hope so, PG!

  • I guess a follow-up to Fri. Café Well there’s no denying the inherent beauty of the efur-catwalk ready kits, who look graceful and elegant no matter what they are doing (OK, most of the time).

    Me, neither!

  • Someone found two 1-day old kittens, umbilical cords still attached on Monday and gave them to me to foster and bottle feed. After receiving them and proceeding to give their first feeding, I realized that one of the kittens was not doing quite as well, she weighed just 85 grams on Tuesday morning and her brother was 95-100g. I realized that she…[Read more]

  • On behalf of Canada, you’re most welcome PG! 😉

    Tks for helping me make my yarn decision LOL. The place will be open tomorrow so hopefully it will still be available. Even with the not gr8 exchange rate and shipping costs it’s less expensive than what I could get here.

    Now as you mentioned that you like blue shades, you’d probably apurrove of…[Read more]

  • Hi Will,

    Nice to meet you and hear about your kitty. What’s her name? No advice, beyond PG’s post above. I’m “managed” by the kit featured as my avatar – Dorian Gray Esq., known as Dorry. My kit off/on agrees to let me pet him, I sorta have to sense when he’s “in the mood.”

    Katzenjammer (or rather KJ)

  • Think that we share similar weather Joan Elaine, although right now it is srsly pouring out.

    My fave Beatles hit would prob be “A Day in the Life” with the longest chord ever at the end. Purrhaps I should play “I Am The Walrus” backwards in search of secret msg. But wait – I don’t have the LP, or an old-time record player. Oh well!

    Fab spin…[Read more]

  • Hi all – I had Breakfast With The Beatles this morning, thanks to a weekly Sunday morning NYC radio show. Back in ’04, my dad was interviewed when he was recognized for 60 years in a marching band, and though he wasn’t a fan of those “mop top” boys, stated that Yellow Submarine was “a pretty good tune.” My favorite is Penny Lane (does that have…[Read more]

  • Patience + cat? I think not MS 😉

    I had a major crush on Paul and was dismayed when he chose Jane Asher as girlfriend – instead of moi!

    And back in the day Beatles haircuts on guys was considered messy and rad! 🙄

    In jr. college we participated in inter-college show. Choreography was to “Here Comes the Sun”. We wore white tights and leos…[Read more]

  • Sounds like all had a good Caturday starting with PG’s wake-up call. I’m well-trained so that even if I plan a sleep-in Dorry is ever “starved” or “neglected.” 🙄 After which he often supurrvises my sleep from the foot of the bed.

    Crud has me at coughing/achy chest phase, purrhaps it’s on it’s way out, but feeling not real good, underrrun,…[Read more]

  • It’s Miss Penny who has gone to the Bridge, Leeny is thank-God her hoomin and still very much with us.

    Lagatta, Leeny is owned by kits Cedar and Sheree.

    And although I love my Dorry boy, there is still a part of me that misses my first kitty Nicky, who left me 7 yrs ago after some 12 yrs. Being owned by him was a major learning curve – for both of us!

  • Happy Caturday all! I’m having a somewhat lazy day. Started out rainy but now is sunny and less humid. Visited a friend earlier, now time for laundry and vacuuming, and must clean out Aslan’s crate – he gets litter everywhere! Also must make up my bed before it’s a late Saturday night and I just want to fall into it!
    Took stuff out of the freezer…[Read more]

  • My deepest sympathies Leeny,

    Play hard at the Bridge, Miss Penny, greeted by Velvet and Spice and all our beloved furry friends who reside there.

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