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    Try leaving something of yours you have close to you, like a tee shirt, for Zeppelin to lay on. He will go to it if he is using you, he will be fine. Talk to him alot, he will be furever your friend!

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    Bless you for your loving heart. All the love and nurturing will make Legs the Queen of her home with many years of purrs and cuddles, and most of all the joys of life. You’ve made my day, restored some humanity. Thank You and God Bless.

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    Bless you for the effort of trying to save them all! I have one,(4altogether) that looks so much like Viktor, his name is Cream, he will be 4 years old this June, and grew like crazy! He now is just shy of 18 pounds and the most loving male cat I have ever had!! Purrs to you, and best of luck on your adventure!! You will both be fine!!

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