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    Silver is now 6 months old and is a crazy ball of fluff.

  • My 13 week old kitten silver, we’ve had since she was 2 week old. On the Friday she was fully vaccinated and worm and on Christmas eve she vomited once she was fine afterwards. Than on Christmas day she vomited about 4/5 time and I syringe feed her some sugar water for her hydration and went back to a playful kitten self. Today Boxing Day she…[Read more]

  • we have been raising silver the kitten since she was two weeks old. Our resident cat Toby didn’t really care at first. When toby start interacting with silver it was just a nose bump and now silver is 6 weeks old and running around Toby has to tried attack her. She does have a playpen. Any tips to stop this happening?

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    We took silver the kitten to the vet today and she is Perfect Healthy the vet said if her eyes turns yellow or green we should go straight to the vet, Thanks for all the help

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    Hi I’ve got an almost 3 week old kitten that we have been raising for a week. She’s going well with feeding and stimulation and she has double weight in the last week. I’m concerned about her eyes because always she has sleep in them, since we found her and her eyes are not watery. Should I be concerned just that I’m worried about her getting sick.

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