• Another quick question and update

    The diarrhoea have stopped, but she hasn’t been eliminating any stool at all. I’m diluting the goats milk now to help and bringing her to the vet again tomorrow if it doesn’t improve (it’s been 2 days).

    However, whenever I wipe her for elimination she will begin to meow very loudly, and her anus will look ra…[Read more]

  • Brought her to a vet today as her BMs are all yellowish water. Did a viral infection test and I’m glad to inform it came out negative.

    Vet suggested me to try something Royal Canin ProTech, but i told her i wanted to test out goats milk first. Got one from a pharmacy, 100% freeze dried goats milk, no preservatives or additives. This should be…[Read more]

  • Alright thanks on the suggestion of using goats milk instead, will try it out later if the poop situation doesn’t improves

    Since today I started working again after a weekend, i really do find it challenging to take care of the kitten and work, but I’m trying to make it work

    I came back home at lunch today to feed her and oh boy is she hungry.…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone,

    I recently found two kittens in my neighbourhood, which was abandoned by the mother. They were actually 3 of them, scattered around our housing complex.

    1st Kitten
    Found with placenta/umbilical cord still attached in my neighbours mailbox. Luckily enough my hands fit and the kitten was close enough for me to grab

    2nd…[Read more]

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