• Lol, I’m sure it’s confusing! his work is his passion, my Son works for a foundation that supports global peace, democracy, and American support of the nation of Israel. He is also a fellow at a prestigiuos NYC organization that has published his 3 books. He’s wanted to make a difference in the world since he was born. We are beyond proud and…[Read more]

  • Afternoon all! ….. we went to the beach yesterday, Son, his GF and work associate were in town, traveling to NY before he leaves for Egypt …. Aww, I’ll have to go back and read yesterday’s post about the tabby stories, sounds cute!
    MS, it’s still like summer here, hot as blazes!

  • Oh wow! ….. I’ll have both Luna (gray tabby) and Venus (gray & white) here on Sunday …. Son is bring them home, and they will be my guests until he moves back to Tampa at the end of the year. He’ll be in Egypt for the next month, and then traveling all over the US, so it will work out better for me to keep them. Dau’s tow boys are also gray…[Read more]

  • Afternoon all! …. as a matter of fact, Mr. AV and I went out to breakfast this morning to our favorite dive …. scrambled eggs, cheese grits and Cuban toast …. yummmmmmmmmmmm!

    I had a nice birthday yesterday, went out for a steak dinner, then a quiet evening since all our ‘hurricane guests’ are gone … it was nice.

    Back to work today,…[Read more]

  • AV replied to the topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY AV!!! in the forum General Chat 5 days, 13 hours ago

    Thx all!

  • AV replied to the topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY AV!!! in the forum General Chat 5 days, 16 hours ago

    Thx all! Been a busy one for me putting things back together after Irma. Last one for me in a certain decade that shall not be named ….

  • Checking in ….. I make my bed, even in a hurricane … we survived, no major damage luckily, lots of tree branches down, still having wind and rain, but we’re all good! Even have power! Working on clean up today, have a great one, all!

  • Morning all! thought I would check in while I can ….. apparently the storm is going to pass directly over Tampa! …. we are the center of the bullseye! … We’re fine, we’re ready, all shut in tight …. Caddy is in the spare bedroom, along with A’tuin ….. we’ll probably loose power and internet, so hope everyone has a great rest of their…[Read more]

  • EC, stay safe, we’re prepared here. Even though I live a block from the Bayshore, this historic part of the City was engineered to sit way up high, and the streets slope down to the Bay. Storm surge on only a few occasions has come up over Bayshore, and then only got up to a very few homes that actually front Bayshore. We’re like 6 ft higher than…[Read more]

  • Hi all! … well, Irma looks like it could be coming my way 🙁

    Mr. AV and I went to Sams club this morning and stocked up on water, and they were completely out by the time we checked out! It was crazy!! He also bought the last generator in town!! It was hard to find …. at least we can run the fridge if needed, and we bought extra propane for…[Read more]

  • LOL! it’s a sticky wicket when one is ‘ALMOST OUT OF CAT FOOD’ …. and somehow ‘they’ sense it!!

    Son made it back home safely …. his girls were fine, but V’s allergies have acted up, so he’ll need to take her in for a shot tmrw …

    Hopefully today, Scottie and JUI will be finishing up the drywall/sanding in my foyer, and I can finally get…[Read more]

  • MS, Julie was DaiseyMew (DM) …. I think she hand painted them, then sent them out to all of us, it was around Christmas time, when my mailbox would get stuffed full of our TDK cards! Great memories!!

  • Morning all! …. pet rocks! … I still have the TDK rock that our Julie made for many of us almost a decade ago …. it’s always tucked safely away in my wallet and everytime I see it, I think of TDK …. such a special family …. old/long time friends, new friends, and those that have crossed the bridge …..

    Today is my lazy day, I managed…[Read more]

  • Thx all, he made it to Morroco, now 8 hr lay over, then overnight to nyc. I’ll be glad when he lands.
    Some of you may remember Abbys boyfriend, big Sal, the neighbor’s big orangie that used to flirt with her thru our french doors…. he moved back to Puerto Rico over a year ago….. but sometimes I catch her looking out, and I wonder if she still…[Read more]

  • SO happy for KK and the two wee meezers ….. and you all know my Abby is happy dancing too 😉

    MS gets two new niece/nephew babies …. and HRH gets a cuz! How wonderful!!

    Today the rain returns, and we’re all watching Irma in the Atlantic …. looks like east coast Fla could be in jeporady ……

    Son of course, is flying across the Atlantic…[Read more]

  • TGIF everyone!! …. Another hot steamer here today, but sunny …. looks like the rain will return over the weekend ….. that’s ok with me, cause we’re not going anywhere …. should be a mellow weekend, I’m looking forward to relaxing and reading my books. Caddy and Abby will be happy! Hope you all have a good Friday, check you guys L8R!!

  • Caddy is in her element today, being celebrated and all (just like all other days in this house) …

    Oh, white lights for Ville …. poor guy, only one eye!

    Son has been good about keeping in touch thru Viber (love that app) …. he called yesterday and wanted my recipe for Jambalaya – he was cooking GF dinner …. seems like things are going…[Read more]

  • LOL @ JK’s bride of Frankinstein cat!
    …. wait, Caddy told me everyday was black cat appreciation day …..

    Happy hump day everyone! Mr. AV and I skipped work yesterday and ran off to the beach and ate sea side and saw dolphins! of course, I pay for it today playing catch up, but it was so worth it! ….. hope everyone is having a good day, L8R all!!

  • Caddy is a great mouser! Our historic home is built up on a 24″ crawl space, and even though it has lattis skirting around it, critters could get in. There are small gaps at the corners, and when we first brought Caddy home, she would go under the house to ‘hide’ from the strange cars and dog/walkers that always walk bye (she’s used to all now,…[Read more]

  • Happy Monday all! …. yeah, it helps my nerves that Son checks in every day ….

    I totally agree with you KZ, I have found boy cats to be much more accepting of a new buddy than girls …. After a few tussels, Walter quickly deferred to Dude as the alpha, and now worships him! LOL …. Dau says they constantly groom each other, which is another…[Read more]

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