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    Athens has a lot of construction going on, Becky, and that creates its own particular set of hazards for momcats in the wild.

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    Aw, a hometown kitten! Cedar and Sheree send their greetings.

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    Welcome to the world, Baby Girl. Spend a long, happy time here.

  • It doesn’t matter, does it? It doesn’t matter that, instead of a kitty body, a little bit of white powder is going to be buried? And it’s even better, isn’t it, that she will be buried in the same space with Gabie rather than in a space beside him?

    And none of this really matters at the Bridge, does it?

  • I’ve just made Penny’s funeral and burial arrangements. Her funeral will be on Saturday the 1st at 2:30 pm EDT. She will have been cremated by then, and the cremains will be in a burial vault. She will be buried in Gabriel’s grave with him. They say there will be two markers there, one for her and one for Gabie, but I don’t understand how that can…[Read more]

  • That’s Cedar, watching out the window. You can’t see Penny’s colors because the rainbow is so bright, you can only see a shadow of her.

  • Penny is at the Bridge. I sent her this morning, Friday. Cedar and Sheree got me up at about 7:40. Penny was sitting hunched up. When I pet her, she didn’t purr. She moved away a few feet. She was no longer a happy cat. So I let her go. We had one last normal evening together last night, me and my little family.

    I wish Emma were still here to…[Read more]

  • She is in full renal failure. I’m sending her on Tuesday at noon, Eastern Daylight Time in the U.S. I could have sent her this morning when the doctor gave me the results of the blood test. I wanted her to have the weekend, though, so that any of her friends who can and want to see her one more time can do so.
    The doctor sent pain medication home…[Read more]

  • Thank you for telling us, Marnet. I am very sad. I hope her reunions at the Bridge are full of joy, and that she is finally at peace.

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    Stretchy kitty!

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    According to the chart “How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Progression: At-a-Glance” published by Alley Cat Allies, Ollie looks to be about 4 weeks old.

  • The X-rays looked good; the jaw is healing well. The doctor will take another X-ray in a month, by which time it should be healed completely.

  • Penny pooped! For the first time since this entire dental and jaw problem started, this morning I saw her poop! That means that she is eating well and her system is working normally. If the X-rays look good tomorrow, this episode should be over.

    I’m so happy!

  • Penny ate more kibble today so, after feeding her wet food (and she ate almost all of that), I set out the regular bowl of her kibble in the customary place. If it’s gone when I get home, that doesn’t necessarily mean her brother and sister didn’t eat it, but she’s been eating theirs, so I suppose that’s fair. Anyhow, when left to her own…[Read more]

  • This is turning out to be a very good day for Penny. She is TDK for April 3, and this morning (April 4), she tried to eat a little of her brother’s and sister’s kibble. This is the first interest she’s shown in kibble since this whole thing started.

  • Penny came home from the hospital on Saturday. I asked her doctor if I should keep her in the bedroom, away from the Tornado Twins, and he said yes. Well, Pen was having none of that. The first time I opened the bedroom door with her in there, she ran out. I called the doctor to see if it was okay for her to be at large, and he said it was, as…[Read more]

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    Don’t scare me like this! When I saw the thread title, I thought someone had died.

  • Thank you, Kale and MS.

    The facilities are superb, MS. This used to be an all-feline practice, but some of the clients are guardians of both cats and dogs, and they wanted to be able to take everyone to the same vet. They still only board and groom cats, though. That’s not a hardship because there are plenty of facilities that do those things for dogs.

  • It happened as a result of the tooth extraction. The doctor said he thinks he must have drilled a little too deeply. With this weird tooth resorption stuff, the roots stay intact, and I suppose with cats they drill them out instead of pulling them out.

    It didn’t happen during the procedure, because the doctor checked carefully to be sure…[Read more]

  • Pen is back in the hospital overnight. She’d quit eating again, so she went back to the vet on Saturday. He removed what was left of her sutures but, when she got home, she didn’t eat, didn’t drink, and only wet the litter once overnight Saturday/Sunday. (I haven’t seen a stool from her since before her teeth were extracted.) She went back in…[Read more]

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