Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

  • Please give a huge paws up for our Caturday Star Kits, Leia & Bodhi. They are 4 month old Blue Point Siamese from Waikanae, New Zealand.

    These two cuties are new to our family. But their great-aunt was […]

    • Twin pounces for the Siame-ase, if you ple-ase!

    • Gorgeous Meezers. Very elegant.

    • Leia and Bodhi are gorgeous and so sweet looking. Yet if I know cats they were recharging in this photo in order to get back to their kitten antics. So sorry to hear about Dara… I’m sure she is happy knowing that you loved her so much that you have two brand new members from her family. May you get to love them both for many purr-fect years:)

    • Leia and Bodhi are cute. Sorry to hear about their great aunt. I bet she was beautiful too. Can I see a picture of her?

    • Woohoo, those two cuties are my niece and nephew kits. I met them late last year and they are as adorable as they look and just as Katzenmother surmised. I can’t tell them apart.

    • Kewel MS!

      These two sleek cuties from the Southern Hem are purrfect!

    • It’s my kittens! They’re a lot bigger now at 8 mths old but still cute & a lot of mischief.

    • We get to meet MSs’ niece and nephew kits. They are a gorgeous pair and surely very spunky…when not resting up. Miss Dara left a wonderful legacy.

    • I just fell in love! Yes, I’m weak in the knees for Siamese. Pretty babies and interesting names.

    • They are so adorable!!! ConCATS on your niece & nephew kits featured on TDK!

    • Thank you for taking in her cats when she passed. I’ve heard too many stories of pets getting abandoned when their owners pass. I’ve already told my parents if they can’t take care of their cats, I will be more than happy to take them.

  • Please join me in welcoming our latest Star Kit, Asher. He is a 12 week old DSH from Williston, North Dakota.

    Asher was rescued from my grandfather in law’s barn….where kitties can breed out of control. […]

    • Oh man Asher looks like an awesome kitty !
      Check out those eyes-
      As we say around here “ lights on and somebody’s home”

    • Also pounce!

    • Asher is adorable! And in the top photo he looks the picture of health. I’m so glad you were there for him when he needed you.

    • What a lovely little guy. Thank you for saving him

      Asher describes his coat colour but it also means “happy, blessed” in Hebrew. Hope he is both!

    • Asher had it all figured out the moment he saw you and your girls.
      He looks very happy and healthy in the top pic and a totally handsome young boy, Enjoy being staff to him.

    • He is adorable and I’m glad he selected you for his adoption. That barn sounds like a great place for trap-neuter-release (TNR) to reduce the number of kittens appearing every year. Contact Alley Cat Allies or a cat program in your area for help with traps and so forth. You’ll have a healthier, happier bunch of kitties as a result!

    • Asher is a handsome little guy.

    • Asher is just lovely. his eyes do look really sore perhaps a visit to the vet a wise idea. Enjoy your little friend.
      Dawn c.

    • Mr. Asher is a long, lean and handsome kit. I’m glad you were able to save him. Thanks

    • Asher is a beautiful cat! I have a soft spot for gray cats. I have had 3 gray cats one of which I still have, Smokey who is about to turn 15. I have had and do have gray striped cats to, but there is something about those gray babies! Enjoy him

    • Mr. Asher is one handsome plush grey kitty. He certainly has come a long way under your loving and care!

  • Please gather round and wave hello to our newest Star Kit, Figaro. He is a 1 month old Mixed Tabby from San Leandro, California.

    I found Figaro on Craigslist in a city close by. Some people found him, his […]

  • Please join me in giving a huge paws up to our latest Star Kit, Ellie. She is a 5 week old DSH from Williston, North Dakota.

    She’s a sweet little doll that was found behind the gymnastics gym here in town […]

    • Pounce!

    • Miss Ellie is such a sweet wee tuxie girl! Thanks for rescuing this little “gym rat” or in this case “gym cat.” 😉 Why don’t I ever find kits at my gym?

    • Ellie is adorable! Give her a tummy tickle for me, too. I hope her littermates also found loving homes. KJ, I’m glad you don’t find kits at your gym if that means that kits aren’e being abandoned there.

    • Aww-Miss Ellie is adorable. I’m glad she and her litter mates were rescued. Thanks for giving her loving, furever home.

      I hope her litter mates have furever homes, too.

    • She is precious look at that cute pink noise what happened to the litter mates. She is so sweet love her a long time. I have had my Anna 14 years last July I only wish we had another 14 years together

    • Ellie is an adorable tiny Tuxie girl!

    • No way, the cat looks like my missing cat 10 years ago. The only cat i got with the same pattern of fur, i mean like she is wearing a mask and also a pair of socks. Kind of miss him. By the way Ellie kind of a cute name by the way, hope she find happiness FURever.

  • Please join me in meeting and greeting our latest Star Kit, Barley. He is a 15 week old Ragdoll/British Shorthair from Suffolk, UK.

    He is such a lovely natured kitty. He adores lots of cuddles and is very playful.

  • Please give a huge paws up to our newest Star Kit, Peanut. He is 1 month old from Ontario, Canada.

    I found Peanut when he was three weeks old, alone in a box on the side of the road. He’s currently happy, […]

    • Pounce! Sweet little Ginger kitten! Peanut is an adorable little guy!

    • Gentle pounce! A beautiful tiny furry bean of gold. So glad you found him and took him in.

    • Whispered awwwwwwwwww.
      Such a sweet wee peanut. Bless you for rescuing him and giving him a home/

    • What kind of ijut leaves a tiny baby in a box by the side of a road??? And if that was recently, it was already getting very cold, even in the mildest parts of Ontario. Grrrr.

      Thank you for saving him. I’m sure he’ll pay you back with love and fun.

    • I so agree Lagatta! Wee Peanut is beyond precious. And the so-called human who discarded him is beyond disgusting.

      Thank you for saving this ginger boy!

    • Peanut is adorable and one lucky baby as you are also. I have a soft spot for orange tabby cats. Enjoy your life with this sweet baby.

    • Cute little Peanut! Thanks for sharing him with us.

    • Cuteness Overload! Wee Peanut is just too precious. I love orangies and am happy he has a loving, furever home.

      not good words about jerk who abandoned him.

  • Please join me to meet and greet our newest Star Kit, Tripsy. She is 4 weeks old from New York.

    Found her crying in my backyard. Mom wasn’t around at the time and she would have been a stray anyway so I […]

    • Pounce on wee little Tripsy. I’m already tripping over her sheer cuteness! 😉 Thanks for rescuing her!

    • It would be so easy to fall in love with Tripsy. Thank you for giving her a loving forever home:)

    • What a wee beautiful girl! I just love her little paws!

    • Such a cute wee girl and I bet she has that adorably cute straight tail at the moment.
      Thank you for rescuing her.

    • I’m in love with wee Tiripsy. Her wee paws and her cute little ears-thanks for having her a loving home.

    • So cute! geometry dash

    • Tripsy looks as if she is very determined! A definite survival characteristic. She’s beautiful.

    • Tripsy is the cutest little girl. There are 2 strays where my husband and I live (hotel). The momma kitty who is a light colored minx is named cricket. She named herself that because when I first saw her, she sounded little cricket so she gave herself that name. Her son who is a regular colored minx is named precious. I named him (who at the time we thought was a she) that because for being a stray he loves on us like any ordinary house cat. His little moter boat (purr) goes about a mile a minute. Thanks for taking Tripsy in.

  • Please give a warm TDK welcome to our Caturday Star Kits, Coco and Katniss. They are 8 months old from London, UK.

    We adopted these sisters when they were 5 weeks old.

  • It gives me great joy to introduce our latest Star Kit, Snow. He is an 8 week old Ragdoll from Melbourne, Australia.

    Named after the brave and adventurous Jon Snow, always the most active and adventurous […]

  • Please join me to meet and greet our Star Kit for today, Kylo. He is 3 weeks old from Alameda County.

    I found him at my workplace with no sign of a mother or siblings and took him in when he was just 2 […]

  • Please give a huge welcome to our first Star Kit of 2018, Léon. He is a 3 year old Persian from Bordeaux, France.

    Léon is a very dominant Persian, he loves to crunch his brother’s tail. He also likes to g […]

  • Please give a warm TDK welcome to our last Star Kit of 2017, Thilo. He is 9 and a half months old from San Diego.

    Thilo is my second British Shorthair and he’s named after the famous Jazz musician J […]

  • Please put your paws in the air and welcome our Star Kit, Zazzles. She is 2 years old from Nashville.

    I found her at my doorstep, half starved, so I took her in just to get her healthy and give to a […]

  • Please give the warmest of TDK welcomes to our Star Kit, Sophie. SHe is a 3 month old Ragdoll from Toronto, Canada.

    Having lost our beloved 16 year old Persian 3 years ago, we decided to get another […]

    • Pounce! Sophie is a beautiful ladycat. <3

    • Miss Sophie is a gorgeous girl. We tend to forget that when we lose a beloved friend a kitten is a precious bundle of energy. You could always get her playmate.

    • Miss Sophie is a beauty with the most awesome purrfectly equal markings! She’ll grow up soon enough! 😉

    • Sophie is beautiful! When you’ve been sharing your life with older cats it’s easy to forget just how much energy a kitten can have. I’m always enchanted by the way they can fall asleep in mid-bound.

    • Miss Sophie is a pretty little girl, but she does have that look of mischief in her eyes! Kittens are like children…they grow up…eventually.

  • lease give a huge TDK welcome toour Caturday Star Kit, Charlotte. She is an 8 week old Siamese from Indiana.

    We found the cutie in alley. Now she is the cutest, sweetest, neediest fur ball.

  • Please joinme to meet and greet our latest Star Kit duo, Toil and Trouble. They are 6 weeks old from Ephraim, Utah.

    Toil is the runt of his litter. I adopted him and his sister Trouble. They are both […]

    • Pounce!

    • Oooh!
      “Double, double toil and trouble …”
      A Shakespeare quote from “The Scottish Play.” 😉

      So glad that you have provided noir kit beauties Misses Toil and Trouble with their furever home! 🙂

    • Sweet little mini panthers! Im glad they’re safe and loved.

    • Awww! Awww! (one each) Toil and Trouble are the most adorable little black beauties. Congratulations on bringing them into your life.

    • Sqweeeee! I love your wee Toil and Trouble. They will grow up to be gorgeous Noir kits.

    • I absolutely LOVE the names you have for these darling black pussy cats. I hope they live up to their monikers. Black cats are wonderful and I wish I still had mine.

    • My beloved black Renzo died last year at over 20, but I have another black cat now, Livia, who is a tiny adult female.

      I love all cats, but most especially black ones.

  • Please join me to give a huge welcome to our Star Kit, Karamel. She is 4 weeks old from Florida.

    I found this cat about a day ago. She seems healthy, happy and is about 3-4 weeks old. When I got her I […]

    • She’s a darling, have a vet check her out. If she has an eye infection it should be easy to treat.

    • Miss Karamel is cutie. I’m glad you and she were in the right place. Please take her to the vet. to make sure she’s healthy.

    • Pounce on Miss Karamel! What a sweetie!

      Totally agree with the above comments that a vet check is your best plan.

    • Yes, definitely: please take Karamel to a vet to give her necessary inoculations, test for FIV and leukemia, etc, and also:
      – She needs cat’s milk (not regular cow’s milk) to give her the immunities she should have gotten from her mother’s milk but stopped drinking mother’s milk too early.
      – In the wild, kittens need help pooping at a young age. The mother helps by licking the kitten’s back, right at the base of the tail. To simulate that, you can take a washcloth and dampen it with warm water, and stroke her back, an inch or two from her tail, going in the direction of her tail. After a few strokes, she should have let something out. If not, keep trying for a while… or eventually ask for more help (the vet can help you in this area too).

      Good luck to you and Karamel! I wish you many happy, healthy years together. :3

    • Karamel looks like a little darling, ready to leap into your arms.

      I agree – you do need to get her checked by a vet, especially if her eyes look funny. I think she looks a bit more than 4 weeks – the vet would be able to tell you – and that will help you decide what kind of food is best to help her grow strong and healthy.

  • Please join me in meeting and greeting our newest Star Kit, Molly. She is 8 weeks old from Kingsville, Texas.

    Someone was giving away kittens on an adoption page on Facebook and I fell in love with her […]

  • Please give a warm welcome to our newest Star Kit, Eleven. She is a 9 week old Maine Coon from Michigan.

    Eleven is our new kitten we just got. She is so little that it’s hard to believe she will ever get […]

  • Please give a warm TDK welcome to our Caturday Star Kit, Miracle “Mira”. She is 3 weeks old from Milton, Florida.

    Her mom died 5 days after she was born. Sadly none of her brothers or sisters made it. […]

    • I know MIra will give you great joy in your life. I have hand raised 2 orphans and they are a great joy and reward to me. Good luck with you “miracle”

    • Welcome Mira. I wish you the best with her and it’s so sad her mom and brothers and sisters didn’t make it. Good Luck.??????????????????????????????????

    • pounce!

    • Wee Mira is a precious miracle indeed. I want to gently hold her and give her soft kisses. I’m sorry her family didn’t make it but she got an awesome meowy. Much healing energy to wee Mira and yourself.

    • What a sad story with, hopefully, a happy ending!

      You may already know but, in case not, milk from a cow is not good enough for her; she needs cat’s milk, available at most pet supply stores. The milk will give her the immunities she would have gotten from her mother, to common cat diseases. She doesn’t need to be immune to cow diseases.

      Best of luck with her and I hope you both have many happy, healthy years together. :3

    • Aww! She’s a little cutie. I’m so glad she is loved and cared for.

    • Miss Miracle “Mira”is such a sweetie – with those long elegant legs to grow into!

    • Little Mira doesn’t know anything except that she’s got a great ‘mother’ and a comfortable living. May she always stay that way, and may you both have many years of joy together.

    • You are doing very well to raise little Mira thus far – she’s a little fighter and a darling.

    • There is NOTHING like a bottle baby. Mira (we have a “Mira” too – tabby female I saved from a cat-hater neighbor when she and her sibs were toddlers – he was going to kill them) will love you forever. Raising a tiny kitten may be stressful (and loosing one is devastating), but it’s well worth it.

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