Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

  • Please join me in putting paws in the air for today’s Star Kit, Dorian. She is an 8 week old Blue Russian from Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Hello everyone, I have just adopt Dorian an amazing male Blue Russian […]

    • Pounce!

    • Sweet Dorian will settle in soon. He’s a handsome little mancat!

    • Miss Dorian is a lovely kitty – esp all cosied up in the second pic! My kit is also named Dorian – Dorian Gray Esq. to be precise, he’s a silver grey tabby boy. πŸ™‚

    • Miss Dorian is a cutie. She’ll get use to her new furever mom and home very soon. Thanks for adopting her.

    • Pounce on cute Dorian! Be patient with your new adorable fur baby. Its hard to not want to snuggle him, play with him, etc. Yet he is still a baby getting used to his loving forever home. Two and a half years ago, I adopted two Siamese kittens. Hershey, the boy kitten, was and still is a natural love bug. His sister, Bali, took two years to be a snuggler. I gave her the space she needed. A person never knows what even a tiny kitten (much less a grown cat) has been through when we adopt them. I’m sure Dorian is missing his mama and siblings. He looks like a little character already as most boy cats are. Give him a gentle belly rub for me:)

    • Oops made a mistake in referring to Dorian as a girl kit!

    • Dorian is so sweet. I love the second pic of her.
      Lots of gentle love and attention and she will learn to trust you.

  • It gives me great pleasure to introduce our latest Star Kit, Feebie. She is 8 years old from Gainesboro, Tennessee.

    I got her when she was a baby at a yard sale. They found her on the side of the road. I […]

  • Please join me to meet and greet today’s Star Kit, Sasha. She is 9 years old from Illinois.

    Sasha was an adorable farm kitten that I took home and have loved for 9 years πŸ™‚ She loves to sleep in the sun and treats

  • Please join me in giving a huge paws up to our newest Star Kit, Tuppins. She is 4 weeks old from Athens, GA.

    Tuppins was found in a field with two of her siblings after their mother abandoned them. Her […]

    • Pounce!!!

    • Tuppins is a cutie! Sounds like she has already made great progress and I am sure in no time, will be attacking mommy and daddy’s toes, climbing curtains and other kitten sports!

    • Wee Tuppins is an adorable ball of soft furries. She is so cute and looks healthy and loved. I’m sorry for her brothers.

    • Sorry for the loss of her fur bros – but delighted that Miss Tuppins made it and was rescued by her new purrents! Adorable furball sweetie with good taste in knits, too! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    • Cute! What a darling roly poly baby!

    • Why do momcats abandon their kittens? I see this repeatedly. I thought the maternal instinct was to protect.

    • Yup. That looks like a survivor. I’m glad Maman’s efforts were not in vain. Many happy years with your new little treasure!

    • with a defective kitten, the maternal instinct ceases – and with queens in the wild, many hazards mean many meet with misadventure and cannot return.

    • Aw, a hometown kitten! Cedar and Sheree send their greetings.

    • Athens has a lot of construction going on, Becky, and that creates its own particular set of hazards for momcats in the wild.

    • I’m so glad Tuppins is thriving, she is adorable!

  • Please put your paws together and welcome this Caturday’s Star Kit, Baby Girl. She is a 2 week old Calico from Melbourne, Florida.

    My baby girl fell into my lap 3 days ago, someone I know found her by a […]

  • Please give a warm TDK welcome to our newest Star Kit, Kat. She is 11 weeks old from Bardwell, UK.

    Kat picked us … we did not pick her.

  • Please join me to greet our Star Kit for today, Simba. He is 8 weeks old from Glasgow, Scotland.

    This is Simba, my gorgeous 8 week old fur baby who I absolutely adore! He was born on a farm in Scotland […]

    • Pounce! What a cutie pie! I love Simba’s pink jelly beans!

    • Mr. Simba’s belly definitely looks like it needs lots of rubbing! What a sweetie all snuggled up in his leopard cave! (I like shoes too!) πŸ˜‰

    • Suzjoy replied 1 week ago

      Fab pictures. Enjoy your baby!!!

    • carol replied 1 week ago

      What a pretty peaceful fur baby Simba is, he will grow into a handsome fur fellow one day, belly rub to him.

    • Mr. Simba has the purrfect belly for rubbings! He’s a cutie and I’m glad you gave him a furever home.

      I hope his fur family are safe too.

    • What a beautiful fur baby. Enjoy giving him belly rubs for years and years…so sweet.

    • What a darling, wee Scotsman. Thank you for giving Simba a forever home. I hope his siblings fared as well. It would take a very wee kilt to dress him up!! Only kidding. I’d prefer it if people did not put clothes on their pets. After all, what would be better than a fur coat?

    • OMG Simba is such a cutie pie!

  • Please give a huge paws up to our newest Star Kit, Boni. She is 3 weeks old from Indiana.

    Boni’s mother is one of the cats that I bottled raised from when her mother was killed by two dogs. Boni’s mother […]

    • Gentle pounce! Boni is a darling little nugget. Prayers for her to grow into a beautiful cat!

    • Much caring and white energy to wee Boni and you that she heals and grows to a ripe old age.

      Thanks for giving her chance and I’m sorry about her sibling.

    • Wee Boni is receiving the best care and love she could get. She will indeed draw strength from that. Wishing you both many years of purrrfect companionship.

    • She is so sweet looking and so lucky to have you.

    • Prayers that Miss Boni gets stronger day by day and grows up to be a beautiful callie ladycat!

    • What a wee little Hoosier! Best of luck to you and Boni. Hoping for the best for you both.

    • Boni is such a sweet looking baby! Thank you for doing all you can for her. Wishing you all the best.
      Boni is a beautiful name too!

    • Sending you both the best of best wishes for her good health. We look forward to another picture of your beautiful little girl when she gets older.

  • Please give a huge welcome to our Star Kit’s, Desdemona and Pascal. They are 14 years and 11 years old respectively from Colorado.

    Desdemona is a fluffy buff tabby and Pascal is a sleek black kitty with a […]

    • Double pounce from my 16 year-old Molly and me!

    • What great names for two great cats!

    • Very literary names for very beautiful cats. Miss Desdemona and Mr. Pascal look to be BFF’s. Please give them a cuddle from me! πŸ™‚

    • Gorgeous Colorado kits! I’m glad they got along right away. Now they share a loving, furever home.

    • I love these pics of Desdemona and Pascal! I’m sorry for your loss of Dulcinea. Desdemona has so much fluff and Pascal has the sleek look.
      They look very happy together and happy to be with you!

  • Please join me in meeting and greeting today’s Star Kit, Forest. He is 5 weeks old from Indian Land, South Carolina.

    This is a picture of Forest, he lives with his brother Oliver. They were the two runts […]

  • Please join me in welcoming our newest Star Kit, Stryker. He is from Osseo, Wisconsin.

    My boyfriend and I found him outside on June, 23rd, 2017. He’s a very friendly, playful kitten and he’s already […]

    • Pouncing on Stryler! Wow – two pounces in a row.

    • Stryker looks like such a mellow little fella. So glad you made him part of your family where he is very loved. Many happy fun filled years with both your fur kids:)

    • Mr. Stryker is one strikingly handsome orangie boykit. You and your bf rock for rescuing him! πŸ™‚

    • Orangies are lovers. Thanks for giving wee Stryker a loving furever home.

    • Stryker is a handsome little orangie boy!
      I love little tiger kitties!

    • Hello from Oshkosh! Stryker is precious! I also had a cat named Salem.

    • Stryker is so incredibly cute! Thanks for giving him a home, it sounds like he found the purrfect family!

  • It gives me enormous joy to introduce our newest Star Kit, Peaches. She is a 5 week old Calico from Meyersville, Texas.

    Peaches was abandoned by her mom at two days old. She was from a late litter and I […]

  • Please give a huge TDK welcome to our latest Star Kit, Smokey. He is 9 weeks old from Largo, Florida.

    I was adopted from the humane society recently by my new fur-family. I am a little cuddler and lover, […]

    • POUNCE! Aww Smokey, given time, Tanjo will love you like you have always been there. Give it some time and lots of patience–you are brothers for life!

    • Mr. Smokey’s name fits him to a T! Looks like he might have some Maine Coon in him and might grow up to be a big handsome boykit! Hope that in time he and Tanjo become BFFs! πŸ™‚

    • Cute as a button. Smokey seems to be suitably lying beside a fireplace(in Florida?).
      I am sure Tanjo will become your friend soon Smokey.

    • You are such a cutie, Smokey. Don’t worry-soon you’ll be side by side with your new big bro Tango.

    • You are very cute, Smokey, and oh so fluffy! There will come a time when Tanjo will look for a friend to play or cuddle with, and you’ll be there!

    • Smokey, you are a cutie! My name is Smokey and I also live in Florida, but in Sebring. I am 14 years old and I have two younger sisters who are almost 5. I sure didn’t think much of them when they moved in, but now they are okay.

    • Update: My brother Tanjo LOVES me. He couldnt resist my sweet charm. Now we play with each other. This week we started spending the day together and wow we have had a furbulous time.

    • It gets cold in Florida 1 week out of the year, so 1 day out of tghe year I get to enjoy a fireplace….lol… strange I know…

  • Please give a warm welcome to our Star Kit duo, Patty and Speckles. They are mother and daughter from Downey, California.

    This is Speckles with her mom Patty. Speckles arrived 2 weeks ago totally […]

  • Please join me in giving a huge paws up to our Caturday Star Kit, Vader. He is 2 months old from Provo, Utah.

    Vader was abandoned and a family found him. They took care of him until he was 6 weeks old. […]

  • It gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to our latest Star Kit, Arnold. He is a 4 year old Ragdoll from Martinsburg, West Virginia.

    When I walked into the pet store there were many kittens, but […]

  • Please join me in meeting and greeting today’s Star Kit, Snowball. She is 2 weeks old from The Colony, Texas.

    She was the only kitten in the litter. The mother had a miscarriage a week before giving birth […]

    • Pounce on Miss Snowball! What an adorable ball of floof! Makes me wish that Winter were back – OK, not! LOL πŸ˜‰

    • Oh my, what a cutie! I love her little black nose!

    • Zippy in Las Colinas just loves little Snowball!! Send us more!!

    • An adorable ball of fluff! I love Miss Snowball and am sure she’ll have a furever home soon.

    • Snowball is adorable! Those green eyes are indeed rare, but I guess anything goes with kittens! It will be interesting to see what color they wind up to be. That should happen at about 8-10 weeks.
      Feel free to send Snowball’s pic in as she grows, so TDK can honor her again!

    • My Maine Coon, Jackomo Fino – Thr Wonder Cat, says “Dewclaws Up” For Snowball.

  • Please join me in giving a huge paws up for our newest Star Kit, Pookie. She is 9 weeks old from Virginia.

    Pookie was brought in from outside, She was the only one out of her litter and she’s extremely […]

  • Please put your paws in the air and say hello to our Star Kit for today, Zeppelin. He is 2 months old from New Jersey.

    Hi, I have recently got a kitten from a shelter. I am so in love with this little guy […]

    • Pounce! Zeppelin needs a kitty friend! That will help him from being lonely.
      He sure is cute!

    • Mucho applaws for your new baby Zeppelin. I worked 60 hours a week when I had my kitty. Her favorite spot was a chair at the window that looked out at the balcony. I had lots of pretty flowers out there and most importantly — bird feeders.

      They provided endless hours of entertainment. She also enjoyed the Discovery channel. : )

    • Try leaving something of yours you have close to you, like a tee shirt, for Zeppelin to lay on. He will go to it if he is using you, he will be fine. Talk to him alot, he will be furever your friend!

    • Zeppelin is adorable. Thanks for giving him a furever home.

    • Zeppelin is a super handsome Jersey Boy! Purrhaps named for one of my all-time fave groups Led Zeppelin? Love his moo kit markings too! πŸ™‚

    • As with small children, be careful about any toy small enough for him to swallow–like the feathers on Da Bird, and extension cords. Putting bird feeders and a birdbath near a window is a great idea, and so are simple, safe toys such as an empty wooden spool that once held thread, a wadded-to-hard ball of aluminum foil, a golf-ball-sized rubber ball, a catnip mouse, a plastic ball with a bell in it. Introduce him right away to a scratching/stretching post or the cardboard flat (horizontal) version, so he’ll grow up using that, not your furniture. Not to worry; cats are not nearly as prone to separation anxiety as dogs, because, unlike dogs, they’re loners, not pack animals.

    • I would like to add my two cents. We never had two cats until the last couple of years when we brought another dropped off kitty in from the farm. She has absolutely enlivened Miss Kitty’s life. I would never have just one cat again unless I had no choice. Even my husband has commented on how MK seems happier. If that is not a viable option, Zeppelin will live a happy life with just the two of you just as our other cats did with us. Cats make our lives wonderful.

    • Such a cute little boy with his white tipped ears:) I too think he needs a kitten companion. A little girl would probably be best. Just make sure both are spayed and neutered by five months at the longest (or he will have TOO much company after he becomes a dad). Bless you for adopting Zeppelin. Many happy years with your new fluff baby:)

    • Jersey Boy Zeppelin is as cute as can be!
      Wishing you lots of happy times together!

  • Please join me to meet and greet our tar Kit for today, Ethan. He is 5 weeks old from Newark.

    I came home from a graduation one night and got out of the car and started hearing noises. I look over and […]

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