When would the mother cat push her kittens away?

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    Dexter Chewie

    ok so I know my mom’s adult female cat is pushing her kittens away.. they are almost 5 months but earlier this week maybe Sun.. my mom said she was actually feeding her 5 month old kittens, it looks weird cause the mother cat is small and her kittens are big.. still smaller than her but they are almost her size..

    is that normal? it’s her first… and only litter…

    what is the oldest kittens you know that the mother cat still fed?


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    When she is tired of them feeding she will make sure they know it, are the kittens being fed other food besides?



    Five months is way past when most kittens should have been weaned – mama is probably sick and tired of it by now.

    In fact, kittens have been known to get pregnant themselves at an age very close to six months. If these babies haven’t been fixed, it’s past time.



    I’ve seen momma cats let their babies nurse from them till the babies were 9 months old. It was more of a social situation than it was about being hungry.


    Dexter Chewie

    so last night she let her youngest baby eat from her. and yes they have been eating reg. hard and soft food since they were like 8 weeks.

    and there is no way they cant have babies.. cause the mother cat is fix, and the kittens are all males. So we hope none of them will get pregnant 😉 lol



    The boys need to be altered, too. Even though mom is spayed and there is no danger of multiplying there, the guys will start territorial aggression and marking. The fights could become quite serious and you really don”t want to deal with the odor of marking.

    Also, the guys could get out and breed with intact females in the area causing more unwanted and feral kittens.


    Dexter Chewie

    yea, i knew that.. but i was just referring to the part of the kittens getting pregnant themselves



    Maybe call your vet and ask if you need to force ween? A friend of mine had to do that with her rescued mom cat and her babies. It was not easy- she had to separate the mom and babies part time and there was complaining from all cats involved but the mom was very young herself and inexperienced. Also she needed medicine for something and could not feed while on it so they force weaned.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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