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    Hello DK,

    This is my first post and I searched some but didn’t find a related topic so I am posting one in hopes someone might shed some light on the subject.

    Quick background: New Kitten (1 month) was slowly, through the span of three weeks introduced to her new home with us and our two playful but friendly Lhasa Apsos.

    The three of them were introduced to each other gradually, sniffing the door, then letting Keiko (the kitten) roam free while they sniffed around her new living area. Then finally, they were to meet one on one, with supervision and the dogs on a leash. They go their respective areas once play time is over.

    Everything seems to be going fine, however Keiko has this way about her. She likes to pounce and jump to “boo” you and run away. The dogs love it and get very happy, tails a waggin and then give chase. But am I confusing Keiko’s actions?

    Is she actually saying “go away” when I think she’s saying “come get me”?



    Welcome to TDK, Nate. I think most of our members would agree that if your kitten is not displaying any signs of anger, such as hissing and/or growling and/or biting your dogs, that she is just playing with them. If she did not like them, she would hide from them or show signs of anger. She is engaging them in roughhousing. She sounds very friendly! It sounds like your dogs have a great new playmate.

    We’d love to see some photos of all of them!



    Sounds like playing to me Nate, if it wasn’t Keiko would most likely be verbal as well as physical with her disapproval. You have a great little family there and we’d love to hear and maybe see more of them.



    Thank you for your very positive feedback and glad I could give some joy to the forum! I only bring this up in concern for all their safety as this would be our first kitten. I would be less worried if my alpha dog wasn’t constantly following her and giving chase the moment Keiko breaks into anything more than a trot.

    They are not violent, but they are bigger and heavier than she is and I’d hate for any of them to get too rough and accidentally hurt.

    Does anyone else have a similar living situation?

    PS – I’ll dig up some photos and upload them for you!



    No dofs in this household but with 7 kits,I do have the …This is all mine…stay out of my space….not in my food dish will you eat from sorta language. They do let each other know when they aren’t pleased w/the other. I’m sure little Keiko would/willlet them know if they get too rough.

    And Welcome to TDK Nate!!

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