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    Unfortunately, it seems like it’s an issue they need to be concerned about. Rabies is nothing to mess with.

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    Sad but true, a comforting ball of furry comfort is not always what it seems to be!

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    there is a show on Spike TV called 1000 ways to die. a taxidermist liked to get his meat from his customers and died from eating a squirrel that was rabid…

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    I never would have thought of rabies, most domestic animals are vaccinated here. It IS sad but true.

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    any wild animal bite is a cause for concern. go to the Emergency Room immediately !!!

    and bites from humans can be especially dangerous too !!!

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    I just edited several articles on rabies. Unfortunately, it still kills around 55,000 people EACH YEAR, mostly children, who have been bitten by dogs. Africa and Asia are particularly vulnerable. It’s not so long ago (the 1990s) that it was still a danger in European countries like France, who were still conducting vaccination campaigns among foxes etc. It’s probably the oldest infectious disease known to humanity — there are records of dog owners in Babylon, 2500 years BC, who were fined for letting their dogs bite people who then died. The sooner we get rid of it, like smallpox and rinderpest, the better!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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