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    I have an 8 year old cat who has been diagnozed with IBD – with the underlying cause being food allergies. We are trying to find a wet food that has few ingredients (other than the supplements). Evo is great – but it has carrageenan. I have heard that there have been studies proving carrageenan harm the gi tract and create heartburn – which is not what our cat needs right now. He is already on pepcid. I found a couple brand names that do not have carrageenan but they do not produce a venison or duck version – and they also have lots of ingredients (such as vegtables, etc.) which make it hard to pinpoint the food that is creating an allergic reaction in our cat.

    So – I’m looking for a wet cat food, that has venison or duck as the protein – and not more than a few ingredients other than the supplements (like Evo) – but without carrageenan.

    Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!


    cathi in nc

    Wow, I had no idea about the ingredient carrageenan… I am scaring myself to death just reading it!


    Apparently it not only causes heartburn, it’s possibly carcinogenic to humans! Cats are much smaller than humans.

    Edit: OK, Science Diet Sensitive Skin and SD Hairball Control don’t list that as an ingredient. I can breathe easier.

    My vet recommended Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance but that does have carrageenan listed. I wanted to read up on it before I mentioned the food to you. Now I want to go back and ask the vet if he knows what he’s talking about!


    cathi in nc

    OK, found a site that has wet food without that nasty ingredient but I didn’t see duck or venison.


    Seems to be in most pet food… and that is very scary to see considering what I just read.



    Hi Cathi!!

    If I didn’t already mention it, it is GREAT to have you posting again!:) I know over the months your name came up several times as we were worried about you.

    Thanks for this info. I spent much time reading these links. I just looked at my canned Newmans Own and it doesn’t have carrageenan, but does have guar gum. My Petguard turkey and rice has neither, but the chicken and wheat germ and beef ones do have the guar gum. How weird huh? I checked Perry’s low ph vet canned food and it has no carrageenan. Have you looked at Life’s Abundance food? I have had it before and the cats go nuts for it. I bought EVO dry once just to try, and wasn’t crazy over it. I do still have 2 cans of it I haven’t used yet. I got them at a farm store.

    Vets don’t seem to know about all these things and ingredients, etc. Too bad. Maybe a homeopathic vet would? It just gets me the way greed gets in the way of good food for our babies and they suffer bad diseases because of it.

    Even people shouldn’t eat carrageenan from what I’ve heard. Cats are a lot like us.

    I just looked up the Life’s Abundance wet food and looked at what was listed. Don’t think there is any in it. You can order a free sample just pay S&H. Check out the site.

    Keep us posted!! 🙂



    You may find this site about IBD helpful: http://ibdkitties.net/Food.html

    Science Diet may not have carrageenan but it has way way worse stuff in it…

    Another helpful site: http://feline-nutrition.org/health/ibd-fake-food-and-its-consequences

    A cat that has hairball problems isn’t normal – it is actually a sign of an oncoming disease such as IBD. http://consciouscat.net/2010/04/28/some-startling-new-thoughts-on-cats-and-hairballs/ Buddy is my only one with some hairball problems and giving him extra fatty pieces of raw meat helps him a lot. So anyone with cats with hairball problems I would really recommend you read the above article.



    Another site about IBD: http://www.catnutrition.org/index.php



    Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your feedback! So many extremely helpful links! Apparently there are plenty foods without carrageenan – but still hard to find brands without mixing proteins, etc. We are in the stage of trying to figure out what Maxwell is allergic to so its important to have a limited ingredient wet food. Right now he is on a venison wet food from WellBalance (or something close to that brand name). It does have carrageenan at the end of the list though. Our vet is telling us not to worry about that right now and keep him on the same food for six weeks so we can determine if he will be ok with vennison. (apparently it takes 6 weeks for the old protein to leave his body).

    I was impressed with the ingredients of the Instinct line of Nature’s Valley (i believe was the brand name – geesh – I’ve looked at so many). They also have a clay ingredient that cats eat naturally (in the wild) to heal themselves. Unfortunately they mix proteins so I’m not sure we can try it right now.

    I sorta want to switch him over to a vet brand I found somewhere because it is still venison, but no carrageen and the venison is hydrolized (sp?) so the food will not spend a lot of time in his stomach. Not sure what to do….

    I’m happy to report that Maxwell has stopped puking and now just seems uncomfortable sometimes and sometimes lethargic (that could be the steroids).

    I really appreciate everyone’s feedback. And any further suggestions on how to determine what he is allergic to would be sooooo appreciated as well! And opinions on steroids – we heard that giving it every other night between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm will keep the adrenal gland from shutting down (and ultimately harm other organs).



    I’d keep him on the venison wet food – but personally I wouldn’t give the stuff from the vet.

    Would you be able to feed a raw diet? It is very nice because you have complete control over the ingrediants – and it helps a lot with kitties with IBD.



    I do have another question and am interested in other’s experience. We are a bit confused as to how to approach the food trials to determine what Max is allergic to. So, he has been on the NewBalance Vennison & Green Pea wet food for two weeks (after taking him off his turkey food that made him puke). It doesn’t have too many ingredients – although it does have the carageenan near the end of the list.

    Although he is not throwing up, he does seem uncomfortable and sits and stares after eating. We have to coax him to eat and I know he is quite hungry due to the steroids.

    He has only been on the new food for 2 weeks. So, what we are not sure of is: are the symptoms he is still exhibiting after he eats possibly due to the old allergens that are in his system? Or, are they a sign of the current food that he has been on for 2 weeks?

    Folks say to keep feeding the same food for 12 weeks – but then we also hear that if there are negative symptoms of a food we should take him off right away. We’re in a gray area with this because he isn’t puking – and he is getting the food down with some coaxing – but he does seem uncomfortable afterward and his energy level isn’t consistent at all.

    What I wonder is if the “uncomfortableness” is due to the food itself and an allergic reaction or is it due to the ibd and the condition of his stomach and small intestines.

    Any experience and feedback would be most helpful. Our vets (we’ve seen more than one) are pretty unclear themselves about all this.

    thanks – yvonne



    From what you are saying I would highly recommend giving some Slippery Elm Bark. It should help soothe his stomach and make him much more comfortable with eating.

    There is an article about it here: http://www.littlebigcat.com/?action=library&act=show&item=slipperyelm

    as well as here (I know that this site is meant for cats with CRF however it gives very good info on dosage etc): http://www.felinecrf.org/holistic_treatments.htm#SEB1

    I started Milo on Slippery Elm Bark two days ago and it already has helped greatly with how he is feeling. He has CRF so has a lot of stomach acid which makes him feel like crud. He hadn’t eaten for a few weeks (I was syringe feeding him) but already he has eating 12 ounces of food in the last 2 days on his own!!!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    FF50, thank you for the informative info, I have bookmarked it.



    canned Natures Variety Instinct 95% meat is carrageenan free; BTW, the cat and dog food are EXACTLY the same (taurine and all) and the dog food is cheaper than the cat food



    Blue Buffalo Wilderness variety has a duck that is 99% protein, and I did not see carrageen in the list. http://www.bluebuffalo.com/cat-food/wilderness-duck-canned

    This was one I tried when we thought Truffles had allergies. What surprises me is the length time they are keeping you on one protein. If Truffles started throwing up again within 2 weeks we tried something different. But Truffles was down to under 5 pounds due to the illness at one point, so we were very concerned for her.

    What she had the longest was a food made from rabbit from the vet, they wanted to use mostly wet food but she really was so hungry I got the dry as well. I think the dry was more likely to have a variety of ingredients that could have been affecting her.

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