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    HOPE TO SEE YOU ON SUNDAY: There is a new tattoo parlor in Flint

    Township, Mich. That’s not normally news, of course, but Serenity

    Tattoo, a fully licensed parlor, has opened inside a church, right near

    the Rev. Steve Bentley’s office. Bentley says it’s all part of bringing

    new people to the church — he calls it “The Bridge” — which caters to

    people who have given up on traditional churches. “The tattoo is a

    really prominent art form in our culture today,” the minister explains.

    He has two tats, including one he got at church. He says tattoos are

    “morally neutral” and no different from, say, ear piercings. “You can

    get a tattoo in a clean environment,” he promises. Other non-

    traditional activities in the church include cage fighting, wrestling,

    and auto repair. “We don’t want a million-dollar building that’s only

    used a few times a week,” Bentley says. “That’s such a waste of what

    God has given us.” (RC/Flint Journal) …OK, but auto repair is the

    devil’s playground.

    THIS is TRUE: 29 January Copyright 2012 http://www.thisistrue.com



    Oh wow. Very different!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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