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    Hello! My name is Jessica and I am a newbie 🙂

    A month ago a homeless man walked into the clinic I work at and pulled out two newborn kittens from his coat pockets and handed them over to us. He said he saw their mother get hit by a car, and when he went to her nest he found three babies. Unfortunately it had snowed that night and one of them was already dead, but the other two were ok.

    I offered to take them home and raise them, I have fostered over 40 cats and kittens for a local cat rescue in town previously (but never newborns without a mom!!). They have been doing very well and will be 5 weeks old on Tuesday. I have my own personal zoo at home (husband included in that ;)) and work full time as a CVT at my clinic, so I was very excited to begin the weaning process (more sleep for me!!).

    I started by mixing in wet food with their KMR last week. They continued to gain weight nicely until about 2 days ago when I switched them over to only wet food. They were around 1 lb 6 oz but have both lost around 2 ounces. I caved in and had to go out and buy more KMR today (of course work is closed and I can’t get the good discount on it!). They both refused to drink the KMR/wet food mixture out of a syringe or bottle as before. They get too frantic and bite at it and claw me. I wound up having to put it in their dish and let them eat it as they have been just normal wet food. Now that I have the KMR, I plan on mixing it with their wet food for a few more weeks so they will hopefully gain more weight.

    Sorry for the long post, it has been a crazy ride these past few weeks but seeing them hop and play has been worth it! My questions for the more experienced kitten raisers out there are: is it normal to see a slight decrease in weight gain or even slight weight loss during weaning time? also, what is a reasonable feeding schedule to keep these little ones on during weaning time? They have free access to Royal Canin BabyCat kibble in their playpen where they spend the night, I offer wet food every 3 hours or so when I am home and not working, except for when I sleep at night (every 6 hours) and when I am at work they have to go every 4-6 hours between feedings.

    Thanks guys! I will try to post pics of the babies 🙂



    Hello Jessica and welcome to TDK!

    Sounds like you are doing well,they are kind of youngish to wean and they also will operate on their own schedules too. I would continue to offer the kmr mixture until they can eat wet on their own. Here are some good sites for raising orphan kittens though with your experience you’ve done very well by them.






    Please check back frequently as people with more experience will sign in and add comments,please come back with any questions.

    Thanks for saving those babies(and it was nice of that homeless man to see to their wellbeing also)



    a word of advice, you may want to change your nickname from your actual name to something else. we get people from time to time who like to make trouble (we call them trolls) , so we as a rule don’t use our real names…

    welcome to TDK !!! you will find us to be a welcoming family here, several times many of us have traveled long distances to meet in real time. we love all of our animal companions dearly, not just kitties. we also like each other and share our concerns. you are welcome to did this also. you will be suprised to see how many “brothers” and “sisters” you will end up with !!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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