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    Lily was basically the same when my husband picked her up from the local vet. She is still VERY SKINNY, diarrhea, not eating on her own, needing IV fluid. My husband dropped Lily off at the overnight emergency care vet on his way to work. This is the clinic that first saw Lily when she was basically comatose early Sunday a.m. They have decided that since she has had such bad diarrhea that they will INJECT her medication rather than give it to her orally since she appears to not be absorbing nutrients and probably not the medication either. NOW..after three days they figure this out? . Please say a prayer that this new course of action, injecting the antibiotics, will help Lily improve DRAMATICALLY which is imperative for her survival. She needs those antibiotics to work and work QUICKLY. My husband is going to drop in on her on his way home around midnight. I will have him wake me and I will post any changes. I miss my Lili-Kins.

    So exhausted from caring for her all night last night and crying all day today. Kids are in bed so I am going to try and get some rest.



    Hang in there, cupcake. Sending white light for Lily.



    Prayers for you and Lily CC.



    Sending prayers and healing white light for Lily!



    Prayers for Lily…any news yet?



    A new thread about Lily was started. It is not good news. http://www.dailykitten.com/chat/topic/11156

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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