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    Greetings! This is my first time posting here so I hope I read the rules correctly 🙂

    A few weeks ago I got the pleasant surprise that a feral cat I had been feeding decided to bring her kittens over. The babies seem to be approximately 4 weeks of age and are now running, jumping, playing and being bundles of extreme energy.

    I’ve slowly started the process of socializing the kittens, however I’ve not been able to have as much consistency as I would like due to the fact that mother cat is still present. From what I’ve read, almost every site out there recommends 20 minutes each day of soft talking, petting, and giving baby treats.

    My question is this… all the sites I’ve found about raising feral kittens deal with orphans. This is clearly not the case for me >< And while the mother is a gorgeous cat I won’t be able to provide for her and the babies. I do want to make sure they grow accustomed to humans and eventually find them all good, loving homes but I fear mom’s presence will only encourage them to be skittish and fearful of humans.

    Would the best thing for the kittens be to separate them from their mother? It breaks my heart but I fear no one will want to adopt a grown cat that is fearful of humans.

    And yes, if it hadn’t come across… I’ve never had cats before. ^^; Please help.



    Hello! Welcome to TDK.. check out Alley Cat Allies they may have advice…

    http://www.alleycat.org There will be more folks with good advice online after the weekend so keep checking in.. Good luck!



    Is there any way you can try to socialize the mom at all. It seems to me that by her bringing her kittens to you,she is already showing her gradual trust in you. Most moms won’t do that unless they feel their babies are safe. I hate to see feral mamas seperated from their litters. Every time I found my feral meezer’s litters (before I finally trapped her & had her spayed) & removed them from outside dangers,I hated the guilt feelings I’d get watching her go all over looking for her little furbundles.

    I hope you can find a way to help both the kittens & the mom but,sometimes it’s not possible. Good Luck. And Welcome to TDK Kali…the best place on the internet!



    Patience, patience and more patience! You might not be able to spend 20 minutes with her all at once. I have a “new set” outside and the mama hates me. She now tolerates me and does not run but lets me handle the kits (3). Even just a few moments frequently will socialize the babies. Mama will not let me touch her but no longer growels and hisses as me. She just gives e a terrible stare or the evil eye. A quick tummy rub on the babies when ever you walk by works wonders. All of my babies are now socialized and look forward to seeing me. They even let my 18 month old grandson handle them! It will amaze you how quickly it can happen. Best of luck. These people on TDK are the best and give great advice.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Welcome to TDK Kali and kittehs 🙂



    Hey guys! I wanted to give you an update on the kittens!

    After a few rough days where momma cat hissed and even bared her teeth I managed to win her over with small bits of turkey. The babies are now all over the place and two of them have been successfully litter trained. The other two are doing their lil’ business by the litter box, they’re getting there. 🙂



    That good news. I hope you’ll be able to get mama fixed so she doesn’t keep producing kittens. Is there a Trap-Neuter-Release program in your area? Or a shelter that will do it for free?

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