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    violet marlene

    I’m sorry if this has been covered in another thread but I looked and didn’t see anything.

    I adopted 2 kittens -both about 3 months old- from a shelter about a month ago. They are so wonderful, I can’t express how much happiness they’ve brought me. I got two so they could play together, learn together, all of the things you read about having 2 kittens instead of 1. They are both extremely loving and friendly with each other and myself but as far as playfulness and socializing couldn’t be any different. Scarlet, my tortoiseshell, is extremely social, playful and active. While Delilah, the little black kitten, is very laid back and more independent and a loner, she likes to sit back and watch Scarlet play and doesn’t want to get too involved Scarlet tries and they wrestle a bit and then Delilah goes off and explores on her own leaving Scarlet, from what it looks like to me, bored. I play with her but I can’t always be home and really want her to have a playmate so I’m thinking about adopting 1 more kitten to add to the mix. I have the room, the patience, the time and the means to do so but is this a good idea overall? Of course no one can tell for sure how the girls will take to the newbie but they’ve only been here 1 month so I didn’t think it would be a huge issue but many friends of mine keep giving me the ol’ “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” routine and feel I’m just messing up a good mix. Can someone who knows a bit more than my friends (most of whom don’t even have pets) and I tell me some things to think about or possible concerns about adding a 3rd kitten to my kitten family (which I am happily a part of!)?

    Thank you all for any advice!


    I used to have 3 related Balinese cats—2 brothers from litters 5 months apart, and their cousin Susie who was 5 years older. The boys would “double-team” her: they would chase her behind the sofa, and one would sit at either end so she couldn’t get out! They never fought or hissed/growled at each other, just loved to tease her. You can’t ever predict how cats will react to each other, but as all are kittens it should be OK. Shelters usually allow dogs to meet each other to see if they get along, but never heard them doing it for cats, though I think they should. Good luck!



    There will be other more experienced TDKers on to help you with this question VM, but I think your kitties are still young enough to adapt to a new addition. I am sure other people have done this successfully. Three kittens sound like a handful but they will become a nice little family of grown, purring cats.


    violet marlene

    Thank you both very much for your answers.



    Hi VM, welcome to TDK :o) There shouldn’t be a problem a) at that age and b) as you haven’t had them that long. To help things along (if you do decide to get mog #3) you might like to try a product called Feliway – it’s a synthetic cat pheramone (sp?) and is very good at calming cats in potentially anxious or stressfull situations. It comes as a spray and a plug in diffuser – I’ve used the plug in a number of times, and it really works.

    Good luck! – do let us know what you decide to do and keep us posted!

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