Trail of errors led to 3 wrong brain surgeries

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    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew



    That’s a horrible thing but I wish I had that kind of confidence on my skills these surgeons have.



    If you really want to improve quality, you encourage and reward anyone who steps forward and slaps their hand on the “STOP” button for the whole damn procedure, when they see something going wrong. It sounds like they’ve at least gone so far as making sure people don’t get punished any more for doing so.

    But it also sounds like the surgeons, well-trained and highly respected professionals, are resisting the new protocols. Equally important is enforcement of such protocols; the surgeons need to get with the program, and understand that if they don’t follow them, they’ll be out of a job.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Thats why when I have surgeries, I take a black magic marker with me…I tell the doctor that if needed I can mark the ‘X’ for him….actually my doc’s have been good with that…laugh usually….


    2 Popoki

    I had knee surgery about 5 years ago and the pre-op nurse handed ME the marker to put an “X” on my own knee. That was greatly appreciated. I have worked with doctors who are horrible prima donnas… their temper is awful, their fuse short, their egos huge and I have had things thrown at me. And I was in Admin! Not saying all are that way, but many are.



    I guess when you literally have life or death in your hands, you get to think you are God.



    Well,that reinforces my fear of hospitals.



    I understand that one Susie…But hey..where else can you go for a deal like that!! Buy One, get One Free operation! Just kidding..I’m afraid PaulaJeanne is so right..Ditto on that! It’s no excuse..nurses should feel free to say “Hey dumbass..what ARE you doing?” Doctors are overworked and overpaid but that doesn’t give them a right to intimidate nurses in assisting in correcting human err. These human errors if gone unstopped in some cases can surely be fatal!



    Hi I am a new kitten owner as of yesterday. I’ve had a cat before but she was full grown before I lived with her. Flexible LED Strip This kitten is special as she is only 5 weeks old (her mother abandoned her or was killed). A lady found her and took her in until someone could take the kittens. However, I’m scared that she was feeding the kittens people food. Everytime I go to eat ANYTHING (even apple jack’s cereal) she meows incessantly and will continue to do so until I am done eating. led strip

    She will even climb up my leg! She isn’t “hungry” because we are feeding her about 5 times a day (vet’s orders because she was a little thin) and when she meows for our food we feed her some of her own food but she will eat a bit and then remember what she really wants: Dairy Queen. Any help/suggestions/similar experience? Any help would be great!led strip lighting outdoor

    Also! She is litter trained but most of the time she doesn’t cover her poopoo up with litter when she’s done. (Can be very smelly considering she’s getting over having worms.) Any suggestions? Thanks!




    Stealing people food, especially diary, is very typical for kittens. You are right not to allow her to do this. They have kitten milk especially for kittens that you can feed her instead. If that doesn’t work then you may have to keep her in another room or in a crate while you eat. It isn’t really about being hungry. It’s more about just wanting to try everything. Like how a 1 or 2 year old human will try to reach for and taste everything. Just keep feeding her what your vet says to feed her and she’ll be fine. Try to keep her out of human food and other dangerous things like many plants.

    At this age she is a like a fully mobile 1 year old child with claws!

    Kittens also like to climb up your leg when they are too young to jump. I suggest you wear long pants. Also carefully trim her nails so she can’t do it as easily. She may just want attention when she does this or she may want food.

    So they don’t learn to cover their poop for awhile. If you have other cats in the house they may show her otherwise you may try gently doing the digging motion with her paws.

    PS. it’s common practice on here to start a new thread for a new topic. And we don’t like embedded links in the posts.

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