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    Amy, thinking of you and hoping work takes your mind off things today and that you sleep like a baby tonight. That bulk shipping order of healing energy from NZ is getting ready for send-off!



    Amy…all my Love,Prayers & Thoughts are with!



    Since Amy’s surgery is 11 am there about CST…12 EST, she said it could take 2-4 hours. I am assuming that I will hear something tomorrow between 2-4 give or take EST…I will start a separate thread once I hear anything and update as I get any information.



    My thoughts and prayers are also with you, Mollycat. I pray for peace for you during the last hours leading up to the operation; waiting is often one of the hardest parts. Just keep thinking of how much better you’ll feel when it is over–partly because it IS over, but mainly because the problem will be corrected.

    Buttercup and Penny send purrs, and Gabie sends one of his very gentle nose-bonks.



    Thanks, CM; will be watching the thread tomorrow.



    Amy, know you are in my thoughts and prayers….how wonderful your coworkers are taking you to the hospital….I worried about you being alone, and I hope this will be the start of a better relaionship with your Mom 🙂 God Bless You!



    I can see us all hovering over the computer tomorrow…

    Amy, the big day is finally here! I do hope you can get some rest tonight. Give Betty and Wilma some extra hugs and scritches from all of us. I’m so glad that your support team from work is coming together. Know that there will be many, many prayers going up for you tomorrow – and not just from TDK. I have you on some of my church group prayer lists as well, and I’m sure others have done the same. We are all praying that your surgery will be a success and will free you from the terrible pain that you have suffered with for so long.

    On a lighter note: have you decided on the haircut yet?



    MC, there isn’t much on my mind except you! We will all be anxiously hitting that “refresh” button tomorrow waiting for news.

    Sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers.



    MC i will be checking the computer all day tommrow on and off.. sending you lots of hug and prayers , you are not alone we all love you !!



    MC, I’m sooooo glad you have a support group going with you to the hospital and helping you out afterwards – how great are people sometimes? I hope things get easier with your famiy. You never know, they might just surprise you.

    {{{{MC}}}} George sends gentle headbonks.



    Continuing to send prayers and healing thoughts to you Mollycat that your surgery is a success and corrects everything so that you can have a nice normal life again. Sending a good amount of healing white light too. I too am so glad that your coworkers are stepping up to the plate to help you so that you won’t be alone and to help with your healing process. Sylvester sends gentle headbonks and his soothing deep purr and Mia sends sandpaper kisses, gentle headbonks, and her soothing quiet purr (she purrs so quietly that you have to put your ear to her side to hear her purr).



    MC, You have all our prayers!!! You will not just be fine, but better, much better. Thanks for making arrangements to get the word to us quickly.



    MC, as many have said–we will all be thinking of you before, during and after your surgery. We will all be awaiting the news that your surgery is over and you are well on your way to recovery. No Hollywood super-star ever had an entourage the likes of which TDK can bring–you have many prayers and purrs to get you through this. And your co-workers are awesome. More prayers, gentle heads-bonks and purrs to you.



    thank you everyone! you are awesome!!



    Just think, MC – by this time tomorrow your surgery will be over! And then you just need to concentrate on getting well, being discharged from the hospital and getting your life back.

    Prayer is a powerful thing and you know that we’ve got your back on that one.



    Amy, My prayers and thoughts are with you. I hope you are able to get a good nights rest tonight and I am sure that your surgery is going to go really well. I as well will be waiting for news. WWM is so right prayer is a very powerful thing. (((HUGS)))


    Dear Amy,

    All the UK TDKers are with you too – didn’t you hear our specially chartered jumbo jet land on the road in front of your house? I hope you get some sleep tonight and that you have a really cute surgeon and GORGEOUS male nurses to look after you while you’re in hospital.

    I’ll be checking TDK as often as I can to get updates and walking round school on my knees – just so He knows I really mean it when I tell Him He has to take care of you!



    I’m actually excited for you…the headaches and foot issues will be gone and you’ll feel wonderful! ok, maybe not at first, but you will. I’m not good at this so I’ll just send {{{HUGS}}}




    My thoughts and prayers are with you for your surgery, and also for a swift recovery, and a pain free life.



    HUGE {{{hugs}}} and LOTS of love & prayers coming your way Mollycat – I will also keep a look out for updates tomorrow (thanks CM!).



    Will be adding my thoughts and prayers to all others here, MC! Man, that waiting room will be so crowded with all of us there!



    Thinking of you, {{{MC}}}



    major hugs that tomorrow is successful !!!



    Sending Prayers and Calming Light to you Amy. Soon this will all be behind you. Just know that we are all with you every moment throughout your surgery. I’m so happy to hear there’s some healing going on with your family. I’m sending prayers to your mom too. {{{Amy}}}


    Rubia in CA, 4/28

    Amy, you are so much in my thoughts and prayers just now, and you will continue to be there until you are home and well on the way to recovery! I’m sending all the white light and healing and calming energy your way. I’ll be there in spirit, along with the rest of the TDK family, and will be anxiously waiting to hear that you are out of surgery! I know how tough these last hours must be, but just keep thinking about how much better you are going to feel when this is all over! Prayers and hugs to you! {{{Amy}}}



    A good, restful night to you, Mollycat. I will be back tomorrow to follow your progress.

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