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    Here it is, the week we all have been waiting for! (ok, not really) My surgery week! It seems like it has been forever but yet it has come so fast! I am really getting the jitters now knowing it is just two more days of work and then, SURGERY. Today I worked for a while and people were starting to offer encouragement and hugs. It really hit me then, I started crying and had to leave. I know Monday and Tuesday will be worse! I am also having a real fight inside myself. I have been cruising by other folks Chiari Malformation journey pages, blogs, sites and the incisions are all so different. Some have ones that are little on the head and go way down the neck to the back. Others are medium and some go all the way up the head. IF it is low and small like I saw a LOT of them being, I don’t need to shave my hair off! I could let the top layer grow over it and cover it still with hats and scarves til it grows out. I would of course have to get the rest cut a bit to match it but that is better then shaving all of it off! I did notice on people 15 years post op that the hair does NEVER grow back over the area no matter if you are a man or woman. The length of surgery was anywhere from 2-10 hours! YIKES! Many complain of excruitiating pain, others eating a cheeseburger the same nite in the ICU. Just more prayers would be welcome, suggestions on whether to shave my whole head or not.




    I don’t know why people’s hair wouldn’t grow back over the surgery site. I’ve never had that happen after any of my surgeries.

    It might make sense to let the surgeon determine how much he needs shaved off in order to do your surgery, then decide based on that whether you want to shave the rest of it off.

    I don’t blame you a bit for being nervous and scared, but you know that the surgery will improve your quality of life, and that’s what matters. The surgery and its aftermath is temporary, but if all goes as it should, the pain will be gone *for good*.

    Sending you all the hugs and white light I can muster. George sends headbonks and purrs.




    I know the next few days won’t be easy for you, but before you know it, it’ll be this time next week, and you’ll be back on here telling us all about it, and revelling in tales of sexy male nurses…

    You’ll be in my prsyers every day this week, and with the maximum TDK white light beaming your way, evevrything will be fine.




    Hair doesn’t usually grow back out of scar tissue, but the scar shouldn’t be too wide, just maybe long. Ask the doctor where the incision is going to be. Of course, he may be planning just to make a small incision and once he gets started he may realize he needs to make a bigger incision.

    So far as pain during the recovery period goes, how much worse can it get? You already are putting up with pretty awful pain. But, don’t be shy asking (insisting) on adequate medication while in hospital. The old myth that you can’t give people heavy duty pain med because they’ll get addicted has pretty much been retired. If you are taking meds, even a narcotic, for pain control you don’t get addicted. Just don’t keep taking it when you don’t need it.

    All of us (humans and kitties) are going to be right there in the OR with you (at least in spirit). The hospital staff will be amazed at how much support you have. You’ll be up and about in no time.



    thank you all for your kind words. I sure hope the surgery suite is HUGE since you are all going to be there with me! LOL



    MC, your hair will grow back. It does after chemo, and it will for you. Now, as far as reading about pain levels, etc…….. take it all with a huge grain of salt. Remember that no two people ever have the same symptoms with any illness, the same tolerance, the same outcomes. You could go on and on. One person might have a pain threshold of zero and another a threshold of ten. You have already survived, and functioned with, pain that would bring many people to their knees. Don’t be swayed by what you read of the experience of others. Go in knowing that you are going to emerge so much better, and so much healthier.

    I have cared for desperately ill patients all of my nursing career. I will assure you… we can control pain. You are going to be a whole new person after this. I know it.

    Now, all that said…. anticipation totally sucks. I am biting my nails for you.



    MC, listen to nurse WWM.



    Cat talk rules

    (((((((MC)))))))) You are in my prayers everyday and on Wed you’ll be on my mind a lot and therefore in my prayers.



    MC the pain that you have now you have said is excrutiating, can you live as you are? The medication you have received is not adequate to stop the pain, do you want to continue trying to find drugs and doses that can give you any peace? You know this is an option that has worked for many, and you have done your homework. This is a good option for you. There isn’t a person that wouldn’t be nervous before major surgery. Take a deep breath and remember that the end is near. Freedom from feet that curl unnaturally causing pain, and freedom from the immense pain in your head. The prayers of hundreds around the world are with you. I too wish you had more people with you physically, but you have unending prayers. Be at peace and look to a future without these symptoms.



    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{TL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} You know what – I would have loved to work with you as a nurse! The world needs more doctors like you!

    Stay strong, MC. Because you ARE strong. So you will do just fine.



    I don’t know how much more I can take!



    You know, MC – right now my guess is that it is the waiting. You have had so much pain, you have been unable to really go about your activities of daily living, and now… the cure is within sight and within reach. But I DO know how much mental preparation and emotional expenditure goes into “psyching” yourself for a major surgery. None of us thinks what you are facing this week is anything less than daunting. But, I truly believe that your surgery is going to give you a new quality of life. You sure can’t go on the way you are now. The best thing would be if the surgery were tomorrow. But it can’t be. So stay busy. Really busy. Get all of those little details for when you come home taken care of. Go out tomorrow and buy a pretty new gown and a light robe that opens to the front. Trust me – you will want that. But get something pretty just to treat yourself. Pack your little hospital bag and put in your own soaps, body scrubs, shampoos – be ready for that recovery.

    I wish that I could be there to give you a hug in person. But I hope that you can feel it anyway.



    Just a few more days! Hang in there, Amy. Your brain will thank you (Ha Ha)



    MC you are wrapped in a huge TDK Hug and prayers. They are with you the next few days and for your surgery and recovery. We are here for you. Stay strong, stay positive. We love you.


    You are going to come out of this surgery feeling sooooooo much better. You will be very glad you got this taken care of. You will be surrounded by the healing light sent your way by every TDKer. You are ready for this. 🙂



    Pretty gown… pretty robe… pretty slippers…. TREAT YOURSELF!



    MC, I can only imagine what you’re going through but, as everyone else has said, try to focus on how much better you’re going to feel, it’s going to make such a difference to your life. We will all be thinking of you on Wednesday and sending all the healing energy in the world straight to you! Kia kaha, be strong, kia ora, be well, arohanui, heaps of love. {{{Mollycat}}}



    (((AMY)))!!!! We love you!






    Just think, MC, with so many TDK members, it will be around the clock prayers, white light and good wishes right going round the globe, too. You certainly will be in my prayers and I have a feeling Lady Coco and Sophie are planning a special offering of really good fish (or maybe rodent stew) to Lady Bastet, the mother of all cat deities, on your behalf. And that’s something they both agree on … for once.



    MC you’ve been on my mind and in my prayers. Thank God we live in a time when people have the option to treat this problem with surgery and medicine. The surgeon you have is experienced and confident that he can help you. I can’t imagine the stress you must be going through. You are on my prayer list everyday and big time on Wednesday. You will get through this and be back in the purrs of your kits very soon.{{{MC}}}



    Is the surgery on Wednesday or Thursday?






    Tap your shoulder, there’s a lot of us sitting there with you through this MC. {{{hugs}}}



    I’m trying to figure out whether to send MC’s box to her house or the hospital?



    MC, I’ve been thinking about you all weekend. I know you must be scared, but remember all of us will be with you in spirit. You will need a HUGE room!! Like CBM said the post surgery pain can’t be any worse than what you have been dealing with. and even if the hair doesn’t grow back where at the incision I’m sure you can style around it. I am praying for the Lord to bring you comfort and peace till Wednesday then to reach his healing hands down and touch you.




    How are we going to be able to find out how it all went and how you’re doing, MC? Have you made arrangements with someone to let us know?



    Amy, you are in my prayers every single day, and on Wednesday you will have so many folks praying and sending healing thoughts that you will feel a huge hug and warmth that will help you recover quickly and relieve your pain forever!



    ((((((Amy))))) You know I’m thinking of you and praying for this to be overwith for you…..who wouldn’t be scared?? You have alot of support from us 🙂



    I was wondering about that, too, CW. I’m wondering if she’ll have too many things come to the hospital and it will be easier to send it to her house?

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